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  1. Thanks dx how would I go about claiming the charges back even tho I have not paid them yet? And do you think I should challenge them about CCA or have I already admitted by paying them £10 a month?
  2. Thanks just wondering if there was a letter to send? And I have not paid the charges as yet so I just need them taken off the account so even tho I have not paid it yet can I still add 8%?
  3. Hi all just wondering if someone as any info if i can get charges quashed from Vanquis, i got the card in 2009 and had a limit of £250 and stupidly maxed it in 2 weeks and then started paying minimum payment to clear it. They kept charging me £12 for this and £12 for that? Which totalled £36 in charges every month, now it is up to £620 and we joined a debt company called CCCS to deal with everything and now they get £10 a Month from them? Just looked on credit file and they have given me default notice for £620, but can not remember signing an agreement it was done on phone? CAN I CLAIM MONEY
  4. Hi all me and my partner have had 2 different catalogues since 2008, me Marshall Ward and the Mrs Littlewoods. We got into some difficulty in paying in 2010 and our totals went from £250 to £600 on each until we decided to go with a debt company called CCCS? They have both put defaults on our credit files but this is Lowell who as done this, but it was Shop direct who sent the original defaults, we pay them £10 a month each through CCCS, but just wondered, we never signed an agreement:-) could we refuse to pay them any more until they cough up a credit agreement? Or is it wishful thinking?????
  5. Ruthbridge now saying they going to bankrupt me on 27-12-10 and my credit file will show satisfied, so it looks as though they have defaulted me again even though had no default notice? HELP NEEDED PLEASE, should i send a full SAR and ask for full copy of signed agreement?
  6. Hi postggj Thanks for getting in touch. Roughly about 2005-2006 when i last paid anything because i stopped cause i got in touch with Financial ombudsman about the VT'd car and the contract as i paid half and returned and now they were chasing me for the insurance still owed. (NO JOY WITH FO THO)? And I did not send the CCA request as the default was coming off and i did not want to give them my new address, and i thought after default had come off they could not chase, obviously i was wrong as this letter as just come out of the blue after 4 or 5 years?
  7. Hi back again long time no hear? Thanks for all info on this matter but now default has come off and now they are chasing debt again after default as passed. It is a new company now chasing tho called ruthbridge ltd who are threatening a CCJ and baillif action? Am I right in thinking that YCC agreements are unenforcable anyway, I took it out in 2003 and someone says they used to use the deposit against GAP or PPI which is illegal i think? Any morehelp would be much appreciated cheers.
  8. Hi thanks for your quick response, I think i might have made the odd payment in 2006 to DLC, but i do not think they have a CCA and if they do have one someone says they are void because of the deposit used against GAP insurance what they are chasing the amount from as they say i am still liable for the remainder of the gap insurance even tho i VT'd the car, I have well and truly had enough of these companies and now these are threatening with CCJ and baillifs coming to door to take goods:-(
  9. Hi just wondering if anyone could help me please as a company called Hillsden securities defaulted me over 6 years ago and never provided a default notice to myself. That was in my old address which i moved from over 3 years ago and the default came off in July this year. Now out of the blue a company as tracked me down in my new address and are now pursuing the £2608 which is supposed to be owed to Direct auto financial which was taken over by DLC years ago, I VT'd the car in 2005 after making half payments they said i owe nothing else then a year later was chasing for remainder of gap insura
  10. No my partners address is ok, it was their address which was wrong as the postcode did not match up with their address as you can see earlier in my thread? BAYV said they had to use that postcode cause they did not have one at that address, but that address as been there from the 80's-90's? They had cocked up that is what they have done and trying to wriggle out of it, as it states on the CCA 1974 the addresses have to be totally correct for the agreement to stand, forgot what section it is but will dig it out and let yous know?
  11. And as anyone else signed an agreement with them when they have wrong address info on their paperwork?
  12. BAYV been and took wii back today:(? Partner signed it over as it was in her name, we owed £300 after paying £1000's on their products over the last 10 years and we just said they can take it back as we can get a Brand new one for £175 with 4 games, and the rep said i bet u are glad to see the back of us arnt you? Too f****** right, the CEO struck a deal with me and used my email address to send messages etc, but the account was in my partners name, I could have been anybody who just had access to her details and they discussed everything on her account with me????DPA breach or what?
  13. hi johno23 I think if you go on Information commisioners office or click this link and look at sections 30 through and it states that the lender must keep a record for their files and also issue the customer with a default and letter of intention and give the customer 28 days to rectify the link is: http://www.ico.gov.uk/upload/documents/library/data_protection/detailed_specialist_guides/default_tgn_version_v3%20%20doc.pdf I have same thing going on with natwest, been going on last 6 months after sending a SAR and they just sent me a computer print out i have had showing letters they hav
  14. Hi just gone through same thing for last 6 months with natwest, they put a Default on all 3 CRA's but i never recieved a letter of intention or default notice? They had defaulted me on charges they had stuck on my account for missed direct debits totalling 181.00? Fully paid off now and shows settled on my cra's? But sent a subject access request over 6 months ago and they have only just replied after having a battle over them requesting my signature for id purposes but yet sent them a copy of driving licence, old statements with 3 different addresses on and they have just sent me a computer l
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