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  1. Hello, I have now recieved the following letter . Now what do i do?
  2. They did phone me with regards to this about a month ago, asking for payment!I said I had no knowledge of this debt and was still waiting a reply from my cca request!the guy who I spoke to said my last payment was 2003, but forget the exact date! Thanks for all your replies!!
  3. I know!I thought it was all done with then received the above the other day!I don't know when the last payment was made!what would be my response to the above?they have asked me to phone to discuss !! Thanks
  4. All that's on it is what has been scanned!I can not see no mention of the apr, credit limit or payment frequency! Also how would I find out if it's statues barred?Thanks
  5. So would you say that this is just the application form?and would this be unenforceable?what should I respond with!? Thanks
  6. Hello, can any one help me with my post? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/221402-cabot-barcalycard-cca-request.html#post2449936 Any help would be great!!
  7. I have tried to upload above, not sure if this worked!
  8. Thanks,what would the prescribed terms look like and include?
  9. Thanks!how do I post post the pic?I have scanned it but do not know how to upload it on to a post! The form they have sent does have my signature on! Not sure with regards to the six years, how would I find this out? Thanks again!!
  10. Hello, I am new to this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I received a letter from Cabot about 3 years ago, stating I owed money on a Barclaycard account. I sent off a CCA request a couple days later. Finally yesterday they posted what they say is the CCA. But looks more like a Application form! is this the same thing? Thanks in advance!
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