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  1. Anyone heard about the fact that sequestration and trust deeds won't go into the Edinburgh Gazette? think the law was just passes in the Scottish Parliament, along with further measures to protect your house.
  2. Hi Caro, Thanks for that. Rebel11 - Thanks for the reply. what is an SAR and what good does it do in getting back bank charges? Evo61 - I don't know how to link things, just go on that site, it's very easy to find the template. sorry I can't be of more help!
  3. Hi Ida, Just put three signatures on the bank petition. Thanks for the advice, I am all over the place! Tried the CCCS debt remedy and it suggested LILA but it didn't mention Trust Deed, which I was hoping for. I know LILA get the stress over more quickly but it's far more scarier than a trust deed! Do you know anyone that has been through LILA? Is it very much different from Bankruptcy? Thanks also to Peaopd01 for your support and advice. It's a scarey time!! Glad your happy with your situation and most importantly your health is getting better xxx:)
  4. Hi Caro, Just put three signatures on your petition. What does the BF in your post stand for?
  5. I'm the last person I would have thought might have to consider bankruptcy, until I lost my job I paid everyhting to date, always had back up savings but 18 months unemployment, in a job I had over 20 years!, has caused me to spend all my savings and that's living very frugally as well. While I was working I never paid on penny in interest and charges to any bank or credit card company, I always cleared balances. I worked with cash and finances for years, having had my own companies too. Now I feel like a common criminal. For heavens sake any of us is probably a few pay cheques away from m
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I only moved into the house a few months ago and the last owner said he had fitted a new top of the range aerial and was a bit miffed when I told him the TV reception wasn't very good. I've tried and I can't even get a poor freeview signal, just nothing at all. the built in tuner won't pick anything up. So just have to wait for September I guess!
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. As nobody was answering my question on this board, I did a bit of further research online. The hardship plea is being rejected by some banks too, but I found a template letter which has been made up after the court ruling. I have just sent that letter away recorded delivery so I will let you know how it goes. I found the template on Moneysavingexpert.com. So fingers crossed!
  8. If I do end up going through Bankruptcy, at the moment it would be through LILA. Anyone have any experience of this? Not sure what to do, maybe I should wait till I get a job and then try to have anough money for a trust deed. Anyone any ideas how much that would be per week for a £65,000 debt? Also I live in a house owned by my mother, who doesn't talk to me but lets me live here because of the grandchildren. If I went through trust deed or bankruptcy would I have to involve her? I have no tenancy agreement and pay no rent. What would an IP make of my situation? (my mum is hardly li
  9. Hi thanks for that! Unfortunately we don't get freeview to September!! Haha so that was why it wouldn't work!
  10. Oh but would changing it to my partners name mean it couldn't be included as an expense I have to pay on my SOA's? I am the sole earner.
  11. Hi there, got the details I was after! Thanks for your reply! Already tried getting a better deal from the old supplier to no avail!
  12. would my partner be able to take it on? also does a trust deed have the same effect?
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