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  1. Oh I don't intend to. As it is being reported each month on my credit file will it continue forever?
  2. it is getting reported each month as delinquent, won't that just continue forever though or is it from when the Delinquent started?. I shall read the link thanks If it never gets sold? Am I waiting for SB?
  3. I have an account that hasn't been touched since October 2019, the account says 'Delinquent' how do I get them to default me? The balance is £1214 and still open on creditkarma. It isn't on MSE credit and is 'disputed' on clearscore. This will never leave my file the way it is.
  4. So have are the loans going? I'm interested in Safety Net Credit as they have direct access to your bank account.
  5. I got the email. My loan hasn't been on my credit report with callcredit for a few months now due to me consistently complaining to them for their incompetence.
  6. UPDATE: After complaining more times than I can count Wonga have finally corrected my current balance but have removed my default. Will this mean that I have to have this paid off before the 6 years can start? Stated date = 29/06/2012 Arrangement start date = 01/08/2012 Arrangement end date = 01/10/2012 (even though we are still in an arrangement). If is better to have an old default from a PDL company on your file or an on going satisfactory one?
  7. well they have sent me my statement and when added up shows that the defaulted balance is wrong. It is near impossible to communicate with these people. I've been going around in circle for about a year now. I replied to the email with my statement and all they did was send me my statement again, then they sent me the 'please phone us email. Now they are saying they can't remove the default (never asked then too) then they said they couldn't find any payments since November 2013 and I needed to send them bank statements and a credit report so I have just sent them screen dumps of just the info they needed and nothing else. I have also cancelled my S/O as if they haven't received payment for the last 8 months why haven't they been chasing me for it. Lets see how long they take before they ask for it.
  8. Oh yeah qq are still the creditor on my CRA not ARC
  9. So do I need to get them to change my default balance to 645.12?
  10. So I found the following on an old thread Initial loan was over 2 months - 1st month pay the interest, 2nd month pay the loan + interest. I then rolled it over for 2 more months. So I've currently paid £221.34 as above via DD and the £200 via SO with ARC. Should I just be paying £721.24 in total?
  11. So my loan details: Capital Payment: £450 Interest Repayment: £183.12 Transmission Fee: £5.50 Other Charges: £20 Total on promise date: £508.62 Paid: £150 --- Defaulted at £734 Paid so far: £230 Balance: £448 (not correct on CRA) --- The £150 above is what I think I got them to remove from my loan as I wasn't paying it. Should I only be paying £450 + £183.12 interest + £12 default fee in total making my balance £415.12 not £448? I really need to go over my emails with them again. I think I need to ask for a breakdown of charges
  12. A need to complain to FLA about getting 2 loans?
  13. So my original loan included a rollover fee so I shouldn't have had the second 'loan' then! I shall go back to them and tell them I am only paying £500 + £12 - £40 already paid (rollover fee already paid via 2nd loan)? As I'm only paying £10 a month I am tempted to stop paying and wait for a settlement figure. Do I dispute with ARC or QQ?
  14. Should I be querying this 'finance charge'?
  15. So looking back through my emails. The original loan was for £500 they then added £147.50 as a finance charge and £12 for late fees. I also extended the loan and without knowing that meant I now had a new loan for £160, , I can't find anything on this. I have since paid £160 + £40.
  16. So I had a payday loan with Quickquid and extended it, meaning 2 loans (original + extension). Couldn't pay back etc and they were both defaulted, paid the extension of at £10 a month (£160) and currently paying the original loan off at £10 a month (balance £619). Credit files says default balance £660 & regular payments £647. Had issues back and forth with quickquid & ARC (sure they are the same company). I am tempted to stop paying and wait for a settlement offer from ARC but I really don't want it passed on to another DCA who will place another default on my file. Also should I have had 2 loans in the first place? Do qq only report to callcredit?
  17. So I have sorted out this debt with Barclays on my bank account in 2010 and they agreed it was statute barred. Now it has been sold to SIGMA who I have sent a statute barred letter to. They have finally come back with my bank statements from September 2008 onwards and all it contains is 'balance forward', 'interest charged' and 'reserve fee' nothing by me. The account was opened as a student account in 2003. I left uni and had no contact with them until 2010, I actually thought they were part of my DRO but I must have missed them. Why if it was all sorted in 2010 are they again going after me? The bank statements are from after it became statute barred anyways. What can I say to SIGMA to get them off my back?
  18. Well email response from payroll: I have cancelled all my bills and reduced my rent payment as what money my partner puts in my account each month will not cover them. Will be living on the credit card then!
  19. Yes I did phone and I got nowhere, they couldn't look at any account other than the one on their screen - mine. All they said was that it would bounce back the same day if the account did exist but nothing has happen yet! I may try going into the bank and asking.
  20. So I joined my new job on 6th Jan and was due to be paid on 24th Jan. I didn't get paid so I phoned HR who said I could get paid at any time that day so I waited. It didn't arrive so I phoned HR again to get payrolls number. After many calls it turns out payroll read the last number of my account wrong it was a 4 not a 9. Now I have to wait for it to be returned before I see any of it. They even asked my to contact my bank (halifax) to see if it was waiting to be returned. They say this can take a few days or if the account exists much longer. Is http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/demos/bankvalidator.aspx valid? It claims the account the money went into doesn't exist.
  21. only way I managed to stop getting this stupid email was to sent in a complaint to [email protected]
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