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  1. I WON !!! £4700ish which they tell me after tax will be 4300ish ? I have to a tax thingy now ?
  2. Text received from NatWest Dear Mr ********* Re PPI ref:********. We have sent you a letter detailing the outcome of our investigation into your concerns. Please allow 10 working days for receipt.
  3. today was the deadline for natwest getting back to me with their decision The deadline passed at 17:00 tonight 4 hours ago
  4. I rang and they wanted to arrange an over the phone interview I asked her what questions they wanted to ask, she told me some of the questions, I of course gave no answers to them, these questions were already answered on the FOS questionnaire They are going to ring me 11am Monday, I will see what they say, will refer to them to the FOS questionnaire I have already sent, and ask them very firmly why have they only sent texts messages and phone calls, why no letters
  5. so, ring up verify ID State correspondence in writing only Immediately hang up
  6. Now they want me to ring them to discuss my complaint Any advice, I do have a call recorder on my phone
  7. Sent Monday afternoon, now we play the waiting game
  8. Groovy, 99% ready to go that, plan to have it in tomorrows post for the missing April 1999 to August 2001 statements I put £10 pm PPI as that seem to be average for the following 10 months but put that section down as estimated
  9. ok, looks around £4 to £5k to reclaim So its letter to cancel PPI and demand PPI with interest paid back next? looking for the template letter, must be blind
  10. I've got the SAR only from 2001 though, they say they don't have the record for 1999 to 2000 Pity as that is when I was most stupid with money inputting the numbers into the excel sheet found here how is the interest calculated? is at the card rate or the 8% I keep seeing around as plainly when they is money on the account the PPI is getting interest added at the card rate
  11. A blast from the past back in 2012 I started my PPI reclaim against NatWest Credit card Only got 6 years worth of statements on a 1998 to then 2012 card Other things happened, huge falling out with landlady, never got back to it still have the card, still got the PPI sitting there I can't find my original SAR letter I started with, should have been on my GDrive but it is not So looking for a SAR template letter and advice.
  12. I work security. that bits simple My boss who is the Facilities manager has just been told as they supervise security staff they must have a Non-front line licence. The lay out of the companies involved is below. the Building owner appointed a property management company. That company breaks into 2 sub companies One side property management, the other, people who work at the buildings like Facilities managers. the property side appoints its preferred security contractor who then supplies the officers My onsite boss, the Facilities manager who is a direct employee of the client company (not a contractor/agency) has been told they can no longer talk to me about building matters or security until they get a Non-front line licence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55909[/ATTACH] Strange
  13. Almost 5 years I have never done the on site manual handling course, 2 of the 3 other security have though Not got the hand book to hand right now.
  14. being pressured to do stuff beyond my job description, and are actually not supposed to do I work on contracted security at a warehouse, and on the orders of the H&S manager we are not supposed to do anything other than security. I don't mind bending the rules here and there when we are up against the clock at the end of the day by passing boxes into the back of the vans and pallet trucking the boxes to the van. But the going in to the warehouse to find the other security have been breaking down loads of boxes (using box cutters) mid shift and pallet trucking them down the to rubbish for the last 2 hours, may seem not like much, but if one of us gets sliced on a box cutter requiring a hospital trip, we'd be in for one hell of telling off from H&S, possibly disciplinary, we have be have issued prior instruction we are not supposed to be doing stuff like that, plus we're probably not insured for it. Results in me getting strange looks on why I'm not doing from the people who's job it actually is and being made to feel very uncomfortable. Raised it to my super who was doing it as welland his answer is was that you've never done stuff like that are you not a team player, it's your choice. To which I responded I am and team player, and when they are up against the clock for the last couriers I do help, but this is actually someone elses job, not just a favour, and you helping in this way causes friction for anyone who obeys the H&S manager, or anyone who comes in to cover or is a new starter on security. I pushed it a bit more and responed he was getting ****** with me, and did not want to talk about it any more and went off to slice boxes. My super is the kind of guy who does butt his nose in everywhere, and very often goes beyond the job where 2 managers have told us directly we are not supposed to. Am I being childish because here, I'm being made to feel I am?
  15. what kind of camera is this and does it flash? https://www.google.co.uk/maps?q=Greenside+Lane,+Droylsden&hl=en&ll=53.486079,-2.153149&spn=0.001328,0.004128&sll=53.395106,-2.573543&sspn=0.351709,1.056747&oq=Greenside+Lane+dr&hnear=Greenside+Ln,+Droylsden,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=53.486158,-2.153422&panoid=NGx6iewN9U_F0-p3pQyWVQ&cbp=12,318.07,,2,0.85 its a sneaky one in a 20 zone that in last nights dark raining conditions, I totally missed the 20mph signs and was doing 24 in a area I've never been to before. oh, its painted green to blend in now.
  16. spot on the exact oil old man had it serviced too, 3 years Suzuki and 1 year place by his work, all stamped, and at the right miles
  17. week ago took my new (to me, my old mans perfecly serviced 4 year old 60k swift) car to be serviced at a local indy garage I supplied the oil and filter when I collected it the had used an oil flush, I was not made aware theu where going to use it (something I would never ever agree to in a million years) since then its not sounded quit right I'm suspecting serveral things 1 they left some the old oil with the flush in, and have contaminated the motul brand oil I supplied 2 they left some old oil with the flush in they used their cheapo own oil and has been contaminated, and kept my oil, or dumped it in to the barrel 3 they used their cheapo own oil, and kept mine or dumped it in to the barrel 4 the flush has done something it now has a random rattling tappets and it not as smooth feeling as it used to feel.
  18. OK where I live we have limited parking free public parking, but it is just about enough for all of us (south Warrington area) now all of a sudden 3 to 4 vans (transits and pick-ups) all from the exact same company have started parking over night in the spaces. meaning some of us have been forced to park in the next street, and getting the evil eye from the people who's houses we have been forced to park in front of. the companies address is in Runcorn I find it highly unlikely that 4 people from the same company have all just moved into our street complete with their works vans in the same week. suggestions?
  19. got myself a sheet printed out, going to do daily reading between 18.00/19.00 for the next month. so I can see what usage drinks what units
  20. called the call centre (In india 3 times) no luck, rang the complaint line gave him the figure I reckoned would be the real start figure by my estimation (did not say the estimated bit) bill now £110 lets see if it arrives
  21. Theres 8 days between their reading and today's I simply worked out the unit cost from the bill and applied to my last 8 days use.
  22. Reckon they billed the last tenant £240 till little on her £500 bill Hers should have been £740
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