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  1. I need further advice! I'm going to appeal against the first written warning. If I withhold certain information during that appeal about 'things', ie. management incompetence, persoanl thngs that were said to me about things (sorry to be so vague but you don't know who is reading this do you?? then if I ever ended up at an employment tribunal, would it be regarded as irrelevant if I hadn't raised it when I was still at the company? I guess what I'm saying is should I keep my powder dry until the last minute or go to appeal with both barrels aimed squarely at particular people who I t
  2. Mind you, I do intend to go to appeal....and then use every means at my disposal to defend myself, and yes, I will take them to an employment tribunal - as will the other 2 employees...so I'll keep you informed!
  3. They ignored everything I said. Yes, all 3 of us are in the same position - which, by the way, equates to a third of the salesforce.
  4. Badly....learnt today, received first written warning with improvement plan, a hopeless target for the next 3 months after which there will be a further meeting. Trouble is...and get this, cos it will happen to others - they target you for a certain number of appointments per week....then they say that you are not capable when you fail to convert the appointments into sales.......so, catch 22.....if you're preceived as incapable of getting the appointments, then you're useless, but dare to actually get the appointments and then not convert them......damed if you do, damned if you don't.
  5. Hi Thanks for that. Industry figures for new business (investment and pensions etc) down about 60% on last year (ABI's own figures). I see what you're saying, and I will take note of it all. I'm preparing a 'response', in writing, that I intend to give to the manager and the HR person - I have no doubt that myself and my 2 colleagues will end up on stage 1 - I'm sure they wouldn't bother to hold the meeting otherwise, do you! I'm also sure that the thought of also being managed out will, so managment hope, act as a kick up the backside to those who have awful figures instead of
  6. Well, if I tell you that only 1 person is 'on target' in the entire sales force, the chap in 3rd place - (apologies for making it sound like a race) is barely 45% of target and then everyone else (including me) is between 10% and 30% of target at the half-year! It's bloody hard out there at the moment! But can I point to the fact that no one, other than one person, is on target, and that the target must therefore be unrealistic? Or, as others have told me, can they state that it is 'all about me' and that everyone else is irrelevant? I should've told you that there are two others being gi
  7. Here's a snippet from the disciplinary rules Performance The company operates a performance management process which includes regular reviews of your performance against agreed objectives and against the role’s core capabilities. Where an employee’s performance in their role is consistently below what is expected this may result in disciplinary action. Regarding the targets...well, who knows, most of us think they just picked a number and doubled it for this year. Most financial servies companies have, surprisingly (maybe not surprisingly?) reduced targets given the current clima
  8. well, I could use the legal advice that comes with the general insurance policy I have - which funnily enough is provided by my employer (a financial services company (oh, the irony!). Do HR/management take a dim view of those who decide to take 'colleagues' into meetings with them? Thanks for the replies so far!
  9. Thanks for your reply. Is it lawful, do you know, to set unachieveable targets? ie. set a target that the employer KNOWS is unrealistic?
  10. I have just received a letter asking me to attend a meeting/disciplinary hearing. I have been with the company for 18 years now. Our sales targets were actually increased by 50% over last years target and after the first 6 months of this year I am hopelessly miles away from achieving my target. A third of a very small field force has been invited to a meeting with my line manager, on an individual basis, where there will also be a reprsentative from HR Department, to discuss this underperformance. Please bear in mind that only one of the field force is actually on target after the fi
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