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  1. Thanks............ I will do this over the weekend
  2. Hi all DH has received a letter from the above today and we feel that we need to send them a letter but don't know which one, a CCA or a Prove It letter? Top of the letter reads "to clear your account with a 30% discount" There is a customer reference number which means nothing to us, an amout currently outstanding figure £xxx.xx The origianl company (we don't know of anything outstanding and if there was it's all gone through CCCS) The main body reads: Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Helping you stay on top of your finances We are please that we have been able to ta
  3. Is it ok to send by registered post to the address on the letter, ie PO Box*** and if I do will it get signed for as it's a PO Box and not a delivery address? Thanks all.........
  4. Thanks Pinky69 Shouldn't get hassled by phone as we are ex-directory, thank goodness! I will get this letter off tomorrow, should it be sent by registered post just to keep a trail?
  5. Hi all A few years ago got into debt. Contacted CCCS to do a DMP which finished a couple of months ago but now Wescot are chasing to recover the debt:rolleyes: What letter should I send to Wescot to say it's alread been paid via CCCS. Any advice welcome, thank you!...............
  6. Hi all We have today received a letter from Ruthbridge again! This time using words like "may" go to court for bankruptcy etc etc etc. However further on down the letter they say that they are willing to accept part payment (aprox 50% reduction) in full & final settlement. As an added incentive they would request the credit agencies to mark the credit file "satisfied". Hmmmmmmmmmm very odd indeed. Now the letter that "debt4get" posted was sent to them by recorded delivery so this may have crossed in the post. What do you think the next course of action should be? A
  7. Thanks SH I will work on this over the weekend. Do you think I should send the "account in dispute" to Ruthbish as the previous DCA returned the postal order saying they were referring it back to Cabot as they couldn't provide a CCA? If not what do you suggest? Sorry for so many questions but I am not very "clued" up when it comes to this sort of thing Thanks all..............
  8. Hi Here's my thread............ http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/220774-ruthbridge.html
  9. Hi We have received the same letter today. Looks as though they are doing a mail merge at the moment:rolleyes:
  10. Hi Thanks for the replies and I now have a few questions: 1. Should i still send a letter to Ruthbridge? 2. Who are Cabot, are they a DCA? 3. Does anyone have the address for Cabot? 4. Are there any templates that I can send to Cabot? 5. Who do I address the letters to for Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards? 6. Again are there any templates for the above? Loads of questions I know but I really appreciate your help..........
  11. Hi all! Approximately 10 days ago we received a letter from Ruthbridge "to the occupier" requesting to contact them immediately. As it wasn't addressed to anyone we ignored it and threw it away. Today a letter came from them again, this time addressed to dh "Notice Before Proceedings". Unfortunately I am unable to scan the letter in but the key points are as follows; Client Name: Cabot Financial Europe Limited Assigned From: MBNA Cards Regarding: Credit Card Client Ref: xxxxxxxx (i know i've put x's but this is important) Balance: £x
  12. Hi all! Had problems with our internet connection until now. Dh rang the court/bailiff and asked for details of the debt. Bailiff said they couldn't give any further details until the £xxx.xx had been paid in full, they said he could pay half now and the other half next month. As we couldn't use our pc we felt this was the only thing we could do. He then rang CCCS who gave no more advice than to say send a copy of the letter we have recieved to them. We await their response. Thanks guys for your help, we just want to get this cleared once and for all. Thought everyt
  13. Hi HSBC does not appear on any documentation from CCCS. Other half deals with all this and up until now everything has gone smoothly with just the odd minor blip now & again which we have dealt with eg DCA's chasing for money, we've asked for CCA's etc Now I realise we must pay the amont set by the bailiff which is a substantial sum, but can we arrange to pay it in half perhaps or is that down to them? In the meantime how do we find out what this is for? As I've said I cannot remember signing anything although we did have a joint bank account with them. My husba
  14. Hi Elsa A bit difficult to take the photo now as we have guests arriving any minute now, I will do this in the morning though. Yes, we used to have a joint account with HSBC which we closed due to financial difficulties as advised by CCCS. Thanks...........
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