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  1. OK! slight change of story...... I have spoken to the BIL & now it appears he does not have permiision in writing and has to apply to the new landlords for it. I have advised him to apply in writing for permission to park/store his caravan on the HS but advised him to make sure the caravan looks in tidy & roadworthy condition so as not to give any reason for the new landlord to object. As referance to a car with a S.O.R.N or no road tax, as this is not an issue at this point in time but he was worried for the future I have told him cross that bridge if it arrises. Thank you fo
  2. Thank you for that Mrshed. After forwarding your comments to the BIL, It turns out that the Bil had to request permission for the storage of a caravan & did get it. Also the council TA states No cars to be stored on hardstand WO tax. Although this has never been enforced with any tenants, put where would one store a car which had a legal S.O.R.N on it anyway? I think it may be a case of new broom sweeping clean but how far are they prepared to sweep?
  3. Hi thanks for helping BiL resident for 4 Years, on an secured tenancy & yes new agreement are in the pipeline.
  4. My brother-in-laws tenancy has been taken over by Community Homes formaly The city council. They are now visiting their lets & telling tenants they have to remove caravans & or `unroadworthy` vehicals from the drives/gardens. Tenants have always payed an extra 3.50 per wk for the hard stands as a seperate fee which Community Homes have now joined on one rent card total amount. Community Homes as new landlords are now changing the goal posts & insisting removal of vehicals. There have been no complaints from other tenants. Everone in the street has been told except the private
  5. Hi anyone.:? Couple quick easy questions here I would like answering please. My tenant has given notice to vacate, & i have reason to believe in the 6 mths they rented the house on an AST they have had the electric metre changed to a key metre. Q: How do I stand? can i get it changed back easily & if their is a charge for this , as a Landlord am I liable for the cost, or can I bill the old tenant? I have not recieved any request referance permission to change. My local makes this easier to ask this forum than phone around or wait on email replies. Thanks in advanced.
  6. Hi I was wondering if their was a template letter available for a section 8 and/or section 21 which one could edit. If not, does anyone have advice on what should be included in a section 8 or 21 being sent to a tenant consistantly late with rent and arrears repayments via bank. Any advise is better knowledge than I have at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Again is their a s8 or s21 template letter available i can download:confused: any where on this site.
  8. Thank you all for your help, very good advise all round ,thanks again. 1st job,.... secure the depossit After that we will try to work it out with the tenants, amicably. Reguards to all.
  9. Hi as a new landlord I feel im in a pickle and could really do with some help. Sorry if explanation is long. We rented out our house in July 08 on a 6 month AST. Whilst abroad working. At the end of that period we renewed the AST for a further 6 months. During the last tenancy of 6 months which ended 13 July 09. we have had constant late payments via the bank. Since we are abroad, we engaged in telephone conversations to sort out the late payments. Payments were made although late each month untill June. June payment was not recieved. They requested to make up in full the arrears with Julys
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