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  1. Can anyone help with this? I am 19 (June 2009) and finished my college course in June also. Now seeking work so went to see if i can claim JSA and look for work at my local job centre. After searching the internet i found i had to make a call first, which took days to get through, kept on hold then cut off. Finally i was told i would get a call back a week later (actually 2 weeks later) and was asked many questions for over 30 minutes. i was given an interview time the following week, which i attended. During the interview at the Job Centre i was told i cannot claim JSA as my parents will still be recieving Child Beneift until i am 20!!! we have a letter which states CB ceases June 2009. Called Job Centre and they say i still cannot claim. The Job Centre have been very unhelpful, not been able to get in touch by telephone since (always on hold or get cut off!!!), and will probably have to do 45 mile round trip to go back into see them, only to be told to call them first - like last time, which costs me £6 every trip. Does anyone know if i am entitled to JSA as i am out of education now and actively seeking work with no luck. if not are there any other benefits i can claim until i find work? Thanks in advance. Chris 62
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