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  1. Fine is £120.00 Parking was in a street not a car park
  2. I have just received 10 day notice from these people. I have ignored previous letters. Quick outline I was not the driver, i was in another place at the time, and they got the wrong street on the ticket. I am willing to go to court if need be. The ticket says 'on a yellow box section' Are these people the police now?????? Any advise would be appreciated.
  3. Is it true that Barclaycard are waiting a decision from the courts regarding repaying PPI. This is what I have been told from the company claiming on my behalf. Many thanks
  4. I have sent 2 letters to my ex landlord with no reply A friend of mine says that he is in breach of the order, and because he is deliberatly ignoring the order he is also in contempt of court as he has had the court order and the recorded delivery letters from me. is this true? I wrote to the court who sent me an application form but i do not know what to put on it. I also want to know if i can claim for damages due to the stress put on myself and my family, and what sort of a figue to put on it. many thanks mark
  5. My ex landlord was ordered by the court to remove 3 charging orders from my house by 4pm 14th jan 2009. i phoned the land registry today and they have informed me that the orders are still there. Can anyone tell me what to do now. many thanks Mark
  6. Kate I received their A&Q I dont know who the witness is. Mine is going back with the £100.00. Their defence says they repaid some of my charges. I have checked with the statements and I have not claimed for the charges they have refunded. I cant wait to go to court against them. Dick Turpin without the mask, that is my opinion of them. They even have trainees handling this case. Obviously we are not worthy of anything from them. Mark
  7. I have just received the Allocation Questionaire. They have put they do not agree with the small claims but have not filled the box in to say why. Also they have 1 witness apart from the solicitor. Is this usual? I have noticed that they have different figures by £154.50 saying refunds were given. I am checking this out today.
  8. I have just received a letter from their solicitor putting a defence in to the court. Is this usual? The defence says that the particulars of the claim disclose no reasonable cause of action and ought to be struck out pursuant to the provisions of the civil procedure rules part 3.4 and/or that summery judgement ought to be granted against the claimant pursuant to the civil procedure rules part 24.2 as the claimant has no real prospects of succeeding on the claim or issue and there is no other compelling reason why the case or issue ought to be disposed of at trial. Any comments will be app
  9. Where do I apply for statements for A&L credit card?
  10. Where do I apply for statements for A&L credit card?
  11. markperky v Alliance and Leicester Claim number: 7AL01038 Issued: 30/03/2007 Court: Altrincham County Court Charges: £2671.35 Interest: £724.89 Costs: £120 Total Claim: £3516.24
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