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  1. good evening cerberusalert ive got my copy of what i signed here and i think it is as you said.it says it is a fixed sum loan agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974.it also has the cca74 part written again in the box that i signed in.
  2. oh i see,thankyou very much.your help is much appreciated.
  3. thankyou very much for your help cerberusalert.i think i do recall seeing that.i have still got the agreement and i will dig it out tomorrow.would i have to put the bed as an asset on the bankruptcy forms or not as i am hoping that the OR wont take it.
  4. erm....im not sure .i know that i have to pay the full 3,800 in june which is interest free.if however i dont pay the full sum in june then barclays will take 200 pounds a month out of my bank and the total amount paid will be a hell of a lot more because of interest. does that help?
  5. hi, i purchased a bed from dreams on buy now pay later through barclays finance.it is due to be paid in june next year. unfortunately it looks like i will have to go bankrupt in the next few months although im trying my best to cope and havent defaulted on anything yet. the bed cost 3,800 pounds.will i have to hand the finance agreement to the OR? will the bed get taken away? thankyou.
  6. hi, social services are coming round soon to help go through direct payments for help indoors. please can anyone explain them more to me and how they work it out etc and just any information really.thankyou.
  7. hi, we had a new bed delivered from dreams on 12th june this year.it cost 3800for the superking size mattress and the bedstead with built in tv. all was well when delivered and installed and since that day we never needed to press the buttons on each side of the bed to lower the tv (hide it so it was put away as our sky box was connected to it. the other day i unplugged the bed to plug the hoover in and when it was plugged back in the tv wouldnt work ,so we tried the buttons on the side of the bed and they didnt work either .the buttons then seemed to turn the tv on which they arent mean
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