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  1. Thanks for the warning Bazooka. Regardless of what he says, I'll be reenforcing my demand for a replacement.
  2. Yeah I want a replacement but nobody is taking my word for it so I'm thinking, let the service person see it and agree it's sub standard. I'll still be within my 30 days limits to demand a replacement and they've no room to argue.
  3. Update... ..After writing and emailing, plus being on the phone every day and nobody calling me back, a service call has been arranged for 2 wks time. Now, they're still trying to say it's natural settlement when it's clearly not! I'm assuming this service person will either agree it's faulty and offer either a repair or replacement? Does anybody know? I can upload pics, it's horrendous
  4. Thanks for all replies, have downloaded the letter for rejection and will post it today. Along with a few photos!
  5. Took delivery of sofa 4 days ago, extreme sagging and excess leather in various places. It's an absolute mess. Phoned customer service who advised to wait 6-8 wks settlement period! Er no....... Went in store and salesman has raised complaint so should hear in next 48 hrs. My question is.... should I reject it and demand a replacement already? Not prepared for a repair on a 4 day old sofa. Have plenty photos to prove it's a genuine complaint. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. I did the same as you, had claim in for bank charges with Santander which was put on hold and subsequently rejected after the test case ruling. I had a loan with them that I now have a CCJ for and am currently paying off (2k approx left) so I wrote to them claiming hardship and requested £3151 of charges be refunded to me so that I could clear my CCJ. This week, I received a cheque from them for £1304 with a short letter stating "refund for payment made to your closed current account". I have no idea what this is for, my Santander current account was closed approx 4 years ago, my decision to m
  7. Hi it was for electrical goods taken out from a superstore about 7 years ago and the total amount was £900 approx. The letter he received from Lowells states, "Statement of Account, This Notice is being given to you as required by the Consumer Credit Act because you fell behind with your payments etc etc." Goes on to give statement date and amount outstanding.
  8. He has received letter from Lowells today, dated Monday, reminding him of £380 he is due, no mention of the PPI they have received. Letter advises they will obtain credit file and issue proceedings etc etc.
  9. The first one is a statement of account saying he is due £380 as he has fallen behind with payments. He is in dispute over the SB as they claim he made a payment in July 2007 therefore debt is not SB. He has asked for proof of this payment as he was unemployed at this time and had already fallen seriously behind with other debtors, so he knows he did not pay it, but he has not received proof yet.
  10. Hi he is positive it`s SB, he cannot remember receiving a Notice of Assignment and received letter from Lowells few months ago chasing debt so he assumes they have bought the debt from HFC
  11. Posting for a friend, currently in dispute with Lowells, claiming for statute barred debt (Scotland), os balance £380 which originated from HFC. Reclaimed PPI from HFC and was offered £280 which he accepted. Ph HFC today enquiring where monies were and was told they had paid the monies to Lowells. He wasn`t informed at anytime this was going to happen. If a PPI refund is for monies he has already paid for missold insurance, can they legally give this to Lowells? Any advice appreciated.
  12. Hi, I lease small newsagents as a sole trader which is failing due to fall in foot trade and the economy in general, have had it on open market for almost a year and have reduced the price twice. The decline in the past year has been frightening. My partner runs it, (he wanted it) but doesn`t take a wage as he cannot afford to, I work full time elsewhere and am injecting cash into business every month. I have a bank loan of 9k, arranged after the bank called in their overdraft and 7k due to HMRC after an accountants error. I am currently paying HMRC monies each month from my own salary.
  13. Thanks Croc, funny how they acknowledge a threat because today I received a reply stating "we urgently need to discuss your letter to us, please phone". Obviously there is NO WAY I will phone them, but will reply accordingly again stating I have given them details TWICE and will now leave it to OFT. What do you think?
  14. Thankd Crocdoc, they have ignored my most recent and I have received a 72 hr notice letter, will write to OFT today
  15. I rent small business premises, out of the blue received demand from LCS for gas consumed 2 years ago, the property has NO gas supply. Wrote and told them as such, sent recorded of course, which was signed for, and ignored, as today received Final Demand. Writing to them to remind them of this, if they ignore this letter what should be my next step?
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