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  1. I know and I am thankful for any help I receive.
  2. No. I have not made any further instructions to anyone. When they paid out I wrote to them and told them they had not removed the markers. I have posted their response to that letter. I need to know what to do next
  3. How have I gone off half cock? I followed the procedure on there that states that you send a Prelim and and LBA and then you set out in your claim that you want your money back as well as adverse info removed. I don't have a copy of my original signed agreement. No. I do not have a court date. They have refunded my charges and nothing else. I wrote to them to tell them they have not complied with all the requests set out in the court claim. Their response to my letter is posted above. What do I do next?
  4. I cannot access the second link. I am new to this, so I am not sure how it works? I have not been defaulted on this account.
  5. As far as Cap One are concerned they have paid up - and they have totally ignored the full requests set out in the Court Claim.
  6. I am confused. What do I need to do to get them to remove the late payment markers that they applied to my account as a result of THEIR UNLAWFUL charges. The information that they have reported to credit reference agencies is false. I have never missed any payments. I have always paid every month. The account would never have been over limit or had late payment fees had they not kept on applying their charges.
  7. The court claim was deemed issued on the 1st October 2009. Capital acknowledged on the 5th October. They refunded the charges on the 6th October. They have not amended the data with Credit Reference Agencies as set out in the claim.
  8. I went through the whole process of prelim LBA and then I filed a court claim. They refunded the charges but have not adjusted the markers. Those markers were applied as a result of their unlawful charges, and yes I still use the account. The account has not been cancelled and I still have a valid card. I have had the account for about 6 years.
  9. No I had deleted the posts. I had put up my POC and no one was responding and I was getting rather desperate
  10. I issued a court claim for overlimit fees and late payment fees. I went over the limit by like £3.00 and they applied iver limit fees to the account. I have a standing order that is set up to pay them a set amount every month. I did not increase the amount to pay off their overlimit fee, so they then charged me late payment fees. I submitted the court claim and they have refunded the charges. I pout in my claim that they were to refund the charges AND remove the markers from my credit file. They have not removed the markers. Do I enter judgement in light of their letter t
  11. Capital One have got round to responding to my letter. They say they will refund the £12.00 and that the late payment markers will remain. I had put in my court claim that they were to refund the charges and remove the markers. What should I do now. I have not notified the court that they have refunded the charges as I was waiting for them to confirm that they have removed the late payment markers. Do I enter judgement as they have failed to carry out all the requests in the court order? Please let me know!
  12. I received a letter today from Capital One stating that they have refunded the £12.00 penalty charges added to my account. Although I have been paying them £10.00 every month, they added a £12.00 LATE OR FAILURE TO PAY charge to my account on the 5th October. Their settlement letter is dated 6th October. I have drafted the following response to them. Can you tell me if it is ok please?
  13. Thank you for highlighting this. I was not aware. I have been a busy of late and had to kinda drop the ball on this one. (Starting a new job in 1 week!! ) I have however filed against Capital one. I am positive that the default issued against me by Sky Card has resulted in BarclayCard NOT renewing my Barclaycard Visa Card, The Bank withdrawing my £1,000 overdraft, and M&S Card whacking my interest rate up to 30-odd percent, and possibly not renewing it either (it expires in less than a week and I have not received a replacement card as yet). Pretty angry is an underst
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