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    It sounds like I am in for the long hall... Thanks for the thread Scott. I just refuse to pay for something that isn't what was advertised..... have spoken to a few other students who are unhappy with them so it makes me wonder how these people stay in business.... I wrote an complained to them but they have a very long winded complaints which means you deal with several people as the complaint goes through stages !!! A way of putting you off I feel.....
  2. Hawky


    Hi, Hasao anyone had any dealings with these people? I made the vital mistake of joining to do a degree and now regret it. They are so unhelpfull and dont offer any support. I have pulled out of the course now but obviously I signed a contract and committed myself to doing the first year with them, so justt wondered were I stand legally?
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. Its good to know I am not the only one dealing with these -------.!! Will keep you posted on what happens now I have blasted off my letters in Sat post... Recorded of course Won't be able to scare the doorstep hooker as I am a lady BUT have a tounge that is very sharp according to my nearest and dearest.....
  4. Thanks NailPost how do I report them to OFT if needs be???
  5. Thanks for that... Its similar to one Babybear39 linked me to... It all helps in dealing with these pond life....
  6. I figured that would be the case. Any ideas on where to get information from I am just worried they will get a court order and start taking things from the house I live in eventually. I dont own the property its in my husbands name and I have no assets so I hoping they cant get to much....
  7. I thought of sending it back but this just confirms that I live at one of 2 address they sent the letter to..... Not a serial address hopper just rented and now re married so moved into now husbands house which I am assuming they cant touch should they chase me through court.
  8. Thanks for that babybear.... Printed and will be on there way in the morning. dcakiller I knew about the statute barred and I did tell them on the phone. Their reply was if this was the case they would not be sending me letters...... After that the not so nice scotts man hanged up.....
  9. Hi, Had a letter today say the above named company are sanctioning a doorstep visit to my property for a debt from 1998. I have told them I dont know the company but they got very abusive on the phone........ Help!!!! what shall i tell the man who comes to the door???? I know what I'd like to do to him but as I am in a job where I need an enhanced CRB. Violence is not an option:D
  10. Hi, New to the forum and not sure if I am in the right place.....?? Advice wanted though..... I used to live in Cyprus 2 years ago where I have a house and an ex husband!!! I am now being pursued in the UK as I am gurantor for a few loans of my ex husband. Are they allowed to pursue me in the UK legally? And what action can they take? Also the letter I received from them was all in Greek which I dont read so had to ask my 12 year old to see if she understood any of it.... Thanks for any help or advice.....
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