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  1. thanks for your reply only problem is if we are right then 3 hours would mean wasting £12.00 which we don't have to waste, when the plumber was here we mentioned this to him and he just shrugged and said well it's old. I will approach the subject of a new boiler to the management company and if they are not interested in mentioning it or the landlord isn't interested in changing it (he won't repair the letter box or seals on the windows) then we will probably just give our notice in to move in May and leave in July but make sure wherever we go we check the boiler before we take the pla
  2. basically over the space of an hour he switched it on for a minute here and a minute there then he switched it off and we checked the meter and it was 11.40 then we switched it back on with the water too and it was 11.23 within a couple of minutes
  3. yes, i rang EDF and they said their tarriff is 7p per first 7.34 kwhs per day then 2.89p there after but i havent a clue what that is in money?
  4. basically the meter read £12 then once the boiler was put on after 10 mins the meter read £11.23?
  5. thanks for the reply rebel11 we have electric oiled filled radiators which are very economical and we do have a electric shower unit in the bath but the walls in the house are very damp and moldy because we aren't putting the heating on in the full house just one room at a time mainly the front room, so we are all wearing new pj's, we have hot water bottles. we have 2 children aged 5 & 7 it's not fair on them
  6. Hi there it's freezing out there and we put our boiler on and within 10 minutes it had used up 80p so we worked out to heat our house for 1 hour would cost £4.80, £134.00 a week which is ridiculous we have had the gas man over who has said oh well its an old boiler and the management company don't seem to care either, we have contacted our supplier and they have confirmed it isn't there tarriff do we have any rights if we cannot afford to heat our property or have hot water. our tenancy agreement doesn't run out till July
  7. your guess is as good as mine, probably cause she took out an insurance protection with them as they were the management company
  8. basically we are disputing everything except rent and they can keep that, let her take us to court
  9. says in contract - to keep contents in good condition and complete repair (fair wear excepted)
  10. Here is a letter I am drafting at the moment in reply to them - what do you think Thank you for your letter received 2nd March You notice from the date, our prompt reply to yourselves while you and your colleagues reply to most matters pertaining to Chaffinch Close in around 8-10 weeks or not at all. I am referring to the letter we sent registered post on the 11 January this year with the front and back door keys. Firstly we have lots of photos of the inside of the property, of the walls, carpets and rooms themselves taken on the 6th January which show how clean and tidy the pr
  11. oh i think we did sign the original inventory to say we had seen it
  12. no the inventory just says what is in the property not what condition they were in and i beleive all the white goods to be a few years old whn we moved in. the deposit is protected but we do owe them a months rent and told them the deposit they can keep
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