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  1. Sorry, meant to say that I went into the parking office in a council building and got the form.
  2. Went into the office after work, they had a form just for this. When I showed her the ticket, she rolled her eyes and said "that street again. One day you can park there, the next you cannot." Sounds like they have no clue what they are doing. Will hear back in 3 to 4 month.
  3. Just an update, in case anyone is interested. Not heard from anyone about this for about 6 month now. Went to see if I could get a mortgage, out of curiosity and was told that my credit rating is OK. Looks like it is all behind me Thanks for everyone's help and advice.
  4. Really annoyed with a parking ticket that I got. I will supply as much details as possible, hope someone can help. In Scotland, I received a parking ticket from the local council. The area that I parked is quite different from normal, in that there are no painted road markings. As you enter the area, from any street there are signs - restricted area, no stopping except in marked bays. The marked bays are no more than a lighter colour of stone in the road. A large rectangle, running the length of the street, interrupted by a space for bins. The restrictions on the small rectangular plates
  5. Hmm... got a letter sent to my new address asking me to confirm whether or not it is me. Oh dear! Should I ignore it until they send me something more directly relating to the debt and at that point send the letter at the top of this page:http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/dealing-debt-scotland/171589-any-way-finding-out.html ?
  6. Thanks. Bit worried about writing to them... really would rather have no contact with them. Recent credit report today doesn't show much at all. Only thing relating to Lloyds on there is this: It is around £8,000 that First Credit are looking for. The above would have been one of two agreements at roughly the same time, but there is no other mention of Lloyds on the report. Also... where do they get the special instruction date from? That seems a bit strange. Have they just thrown the two together as one debt maybe?
  7. I don't get this... First Credit have started hassling me about this again. They turned up at my parents' house and called my Mum a liar when she said that she did not have my new address (she actually didn't have it), they have started calling my mobile again (they won't get an answer as I regularly screen any calls not in my phonebook or withheld) and writing to my parents' address. I am sure that this debt should be statute barred by now... is there any way I can find out any information on this?
  8. and using which address, or does it not matter?
  9. Hmm, bit worried now. Someone turned up at my parents house looking for me. They are from a new debt collection agency that have not been in touch before. They basically called my Mum a liar when she told them that she does not know my new address (she doesn't, as I only moved 2 weeks ago). They left threatening "we will find him you know." Does this mean that the debt is less than 5 year since default? I am convinced it must be over 5 year. Any way I can find out for sure? If it is less than 5 year, I cannot understand why I managed to get a new bank account recently (all previous a
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I did wonder about that. Either way, it will be a year before I apply for one, so fingers crossed.
  11. Thank you so much for your advice. It gave me the confidence to agree to review my accounts in the bank today. Now, I applied for a new account around 6 month ago and got rejected. Today, credit check came back as fine. Now I have a proper current account, with overdraft facility and a visa debit card. I was told in the bank that this will help my credit rating. How long before I could get a mortgage do you think? I have just signed a 1 year lease for a flat and will want a mortgage after that I think.
  12. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I'll try to give as much info here as possible, without posting everything. I live in Scotland, am Scottish and have always lived here. I have been working for a year now, and before that studying for four years. Before that there was a period of sickness (between 6 month to a year). I owed some money to two companies. I paid company B sometime in the past 5 year, and they show up on my experian report as: Current Balance : £2,152 Defaulted On : 30/04/2004 This is what was agreed. However, company A still continue to send letters to my o
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