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  1. Thanks fo the reply. The account did have a zero balance, but it also had an o/draft facility.
  2. Hi, I closed my accounts with A & L in January/February 2008. All my DD's were transferred to my Halifax account, so nothing has been taken from the account. Now I find that A & L have been charging me £5 per month for not crediting my account with the minimum amount, even though I closed it down.They haven't sent me any statements and the only reason I now know that I'm o/drawn is that I have received two letters from them. I have tried to call, was promised a call back and never received one. Now I'm not certain as to what to do next. Since I closed the account, no money has been paid into these accounts as I thought they were closed. I suppose I'm wondering what they can actually do to me if I don't repay any money to them ?
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