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  1. surely its only a matter of time?
  2. i think how they treat people is disgusting! the thing that has made me the most upset is if my grandad was in my situation he would of been very worried and just coughed up the money even though it clearly isnt his fault. they make me sick!
  3. i have taken peoples advice its just i feel very uncomfortable as i have never been in this situation before and never been to a court in my life, u can understand why i would feel better sending them a letter even though i probably wont ha!
  4. the point of asking advice is seeing how other poeple would deal with something which can help you make a decision of how you want to deal with it. if someone said post them a pint of **** im not going to do that am i? haha im going to take the information i have and do what i feel comfortable doing hahaha!
  5. thanks again people for all the help adivse! i think im going to send the dca a final letter explaining why i dispute and if they would like to take me to court i will see them there!
  6. ok i would feel better writing to the dca and telling them why i dispute the debt, but i know they will just send me a letter back saying in accordance with section 7a of the log book you should chase the dvla up after 4 weeks if you dont get a confirmation letter through the post! do you even get one of these if u sell it to a trader?
  7. right i've had a reply to the letter i sent: Dear Mr Fearn In accordance with our instructions by the DVLA, you were the registered keeper of an unlicensed vehicle, registration as above on 01/01/2009 (i clearly didnt own this car at this time ha) We must therefore recover the full amount outstanding, including all additional costs in accordance with statue. Should you wish to avoid this action, you must pay £80 immediately, other with legal action through the County Court may commence and your vehicle may be clamped and impounded. what shall i do from here. i just wan
  8. does this look ok for the letter i should send them? and thanks again for everyones input! i will include the case number etc in the letter: To whom it may concern, As per our phone conversations I dispute this alleged debt with the DVLA and insist you return this matter to your clients. This debt is in dispute with the DVLA as such any further attempts to enforce collection of this alleged debt will be treated as harassment. I now require your complaints procedure by return, where upon I will instigate an official complaint against you and your company. I
  9. thats sounds about right! thanks i will keep you informed
  10. right im going to write a letter to the dca and tell them i dispute the claim and insist that they refer it back to the dvla! if they ring in the mean time shall i tell them that i have sent them a letter? and am i best sending the letter recorded delivery? i cannot believe they are saying i have to pay because i didnt chase a letter up. its just like me saying i have never recieved a letter from the dvla and if they say they did then i turn round and say 'well you should of rang me after 4 weeks to see if i had got it' this is really getting on my nerves now! any
  11. i have had another letter from the debt collection agency now saying they are going to commence court procedures against me! i rang them and told them i am not paying and the lady on the phone kept going back to 7a of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994! i just dont know what to do!
  12. but what about the dca? wont they start adding costs on for letters sent etc? thanks so my for the replies, has anyone any links to the threads containing a template letter?
  13. i have just rang the dvla and asked them if i am still the owner of the car. they said im no longer the owner on their system, i then asked didnt i declare the car off the road and they said it was declared off the road in Jan 2008 by myself. i sold the car in march 2008 but the dvla are saying as i didnt switch the owners over (which i did by sending that yellow slip off) i am still liable and need to contact the debt collection agency! this is beginning to annoy me! Thanks for the reply aswell
  14. Morning People, Right where do i start. In March 2008 I sold my car on ebay and a gentleman came and picked it up with trade plates etc. (he owned a garage) Im positive i had declared the car off the road September 2007 (is there any way to check?) We filled in the yellow part of the V5 document as the car was going into his garages name. He left my house with the vehicle, I popped the yellow slip into a envelope with the dvla address on and a 1st class stamp and walked down to the post box and posted it off. About 6 months later i get a letter saying the car is u
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