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  1. Thank you I fear my Credit history is already trashed! Could any one forward me to the calculator for interest rates on fees charged, I used it last week to calculate interest and now need it again and can't find it.
  2. ....... ACtually have also put together a fees reclaim letter too...should I send that in yet or wait for CCA response to come back. HAve had their DC taking you to court letter as well over weekend,. have jyust sent that back reminding them that they are out of order until my dispute with the lenders has been addressed. Thank you again for responding.
  3. I think it was a SAR but have now requested CCA as well....could they really have ommitted sending out that bit?
  4. Please could someone offer advice over this aspect, I am stillunsure of how to procede, the pack sent to me by cap one contains an application form not a contract...and nothing else that resembles a contract. I have not yet filed for charges as that may, in my mind, implie that I have accepted that the account is valid. I feel as if I would like to have the debt proved unactionable because there is no CCA. But how do I know that there is not one that they have conveniently forgotten to send. The account was begun 2004. he account has been passsed to CAPQUESt and I have today told them to
  5. If you skip back up the thread abit I think the advice is to send the letter requesting that info regarding communications charges etc be requested from Capital One at which point they will recall your info from the Debt people and hold it until they have issued info. Check back up hethread and see If my memory serves that is what I did nad thus have had no contact from them since.
  6. Did you write to Capital one and ask for all the information they hold on you rather than the debt recovery people ( is that Fredericks). If you do that as I understand it the debt people cannot contact you any more until the issue has been met. If they do simply tell them that the amount owed is in despute and that you willnot talk tothem again until it has been clarified.
  7. I have finally received my pack of information held about me and there is not, as far as I can see a signed agreement with them, just an application. That is the only thing that has my signature on it. Where do I go from here please. I am feeling like that means that maybe I will be going down the route of others on the forum in refuting the legality of any of the charges... Could anyone else please let me know where to go from here. Thank you again, when I opened the letter this morning my heart was back in my boots, but I am ready for a fight. What should my next move be
  8. OK thank you for that. Still waiting on CApital ONes reply and statement. What do I now tell the FCP debt agency who are ringing me twice a day and leaving messages ( as yet I am refusing to speak with them on the phone after my initial call to them last week). Do I send them a leter explaining that I am waiting for charge information do you think? Or answer one of their calls and tell them this. Thank you
  9. if that is the case where do I go from here please? All I know is that I now have a debt agency calling and writing to me.
  10. Good morning, I ave received what I guess is their standard default letter.... Balance.... Credit limit....... Overdue Balance....... IMPORTANT YOU SHOLD REaD THIS CAREFULLY STATEMENT OF DEFAULT Your Capital One Account is now officially in Default As of the 17/7/2009 you have defaulted and you owe us £3.410.41 1. We have terminated your account........ 2. We now have the right to Demand that you pay your full balance...... 3. We will notify the credit reference agencies that you have defaulted.... 4. We may place your account with, or sell your a
  11. I am new to this site so please forgive the potential over simplification, I have briefly read ove rthe replies but am wondering what would happen if a huge number of us simply wrote and withdrew our permission to hold and use our information. As there was no original specified time scale for retaining it in the first place ( not to mention their use of implied consent to use our info) Oh and i have just signed the petition too. ChaosHome
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