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  1. thanks all i feel so much better now been so stressed worrying and your right Scarletpimpernel about the embarrsentment and shame exactly what i do feel and i no im not the only parent to go through this but you feel it at time .
  2. yes they got all there stuff back . so can you really just ignore them without any threats of court etc ?
  3. hi looking for some advice my daughter got caught with a friend shoplifting from boots i received a call from the security guard telling me he had my daughter and her friend and also telling me what they had stolen between them obviously i was in shock and very upset and gave my permission to release her ,he also told me that they use the retail loss scheme but didnt know if my daughter would be perused by them as she is only 15 and usually have to be 16 but wasnt sure as rules and regulations change all the time ! is this right ? im terrified of getting the bill through if they do as im
  4. thankyou harrassed senior for your quick reply i can afford £5 a week ive paid them £80 so far and debt in total they reckon is £164.56 but as i said wasnt there for 2 months where they were charging me i have a letter from them dated january saying notice of court action saying :- pursuer scottish power and principal sum £164.56 . and if i send them letter i dont no if what i send them is valid as there saying wot i sent them isnt its my tenancy agreement so dont see why ? i no i was in debt with scottish power as what they did was change my pre pay elec meter then decided it hadnt been set
  5. HI im looking for some advice with these so called debt collecters past due credit solutions ,they contacted me in january due to a outstanding debt from scottish power that i had been paying off my electric metre but in june of last year my neighbours house was burnt down in an arson attack and i was made homeless and then rehomed ,never thought to contact scottish power last thing on my mind ! anyway i agreed to pay them £5 a week but told them the dates they were charging me for were wrong as i had moved out in june and were charging me up until end of august ,they told me to send them a co
  6. think everything was disconnected the night of fire remember seeing them come switch something off obviously to stop houses from blowing up etc will have to ask my housing association if they contacted them
  7. it dates back from 2008 i think . scottish power prob tried writing to me but house was boarded with grids so no mail was getting through i just rang important ones i needed to change address
  8. ok can try that but could they say its to late in hands of debt recovery ?
  9. hi wonder if any one can help ? please bare with me while i explain ... i was in debt with scottish power due to them not setting tarrifs right on my elec meter they said this was not there fault and i still had to pay amount so i agreed in end to pay a certain amount off each week on my meter ,then in june last year my neighbours house caught fire and i had to be rehomed suddenely i never told scottish power as i had to many other things on my mind ( my neighbour died being one of them ) last week past due credit contacted me on my mobile saying i still owed £174 i told them i no longer lived
  10. well its monday and just had to ring them again its like talking to a brick wall over and over again the loss ajuster is not around again ! and the person who answers phone doesnt have a clue wots going on saying they still havnt recieved my list of condemed items and on my details still got my old address when i told them ive moved and gave them new address weeks ago ! im really struggling here can any one please help im a single parent finding this all to much
  11. i have a mobile number for the loss ajuster which i think they put me through to so left messege and the time i called at as yet nothing . im more mad about them saying they havnt recieved my list of condemed items which means im back to square one and continuing to sleep on floor
  12. hi wonder if anyone can help about a month ago my next door neighbours house was set on fire as a result i had to be rehomed i had contents insurance who i contacted who are ment to be dealing with my claim , they moved all my stuff and noted what was smoked damaged and what i coulnt take after a week and a half i had to ring them and ask what happens next they replied i should of recieved a list of items of which i price up and send back to them ,i replied i have had nothing atall from them so they sent me list out and i priced it as best i could and sent it back to them . today i rang them a
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