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  1. Hi, im currently living with my parents, I had financial difficulties last year because I lost my job, I had a lot of debt(still do) and didnt know what to do, I managed to get a few temp jobs and my parents helped me a bit, I went on jsa at one point but they wouldnt let me give any of the money to my creditors, because it was for my living (I understand this but creditors didnt) so I came off jsa found again another temp job but my salary is very low. I managed to come to an arrangement with most of my creditors one took me to court but in the end they didnt pursue because their was no
  2. Thanks for the replies I appreciate the help, il send a dispute reminder to lowell.
  3. Thank you all for the help, Iv removed the post containing scans because I dont like how lowells is allowed to post on the forum what next give them my email
  4. Hi, this problem has been going on for a long time now and Im getting really desperate. I have 4 shop direct accounts which are all part of littlewoods. im paying for two of them but not for the other two, because they would not accept the offer of payment I can afford, so after several months of trying I requested a cca and they were not able to supply an agreement for any of the 4 accounts. the problem I have is that I have put two of the accounts into dispute in august 2009, one of them which is called littlewoods ignored all my letters and then eventually sent a letter saying they wou
  5. Hi everyone, Basically I used to be on a DMP but then freemans took me to court and I decided to try and handle the debt management myself, I have a littlewoods and additions account, after coming off the DMA Agency I received letters from both littlewoods and additions requesting the total outstanding balance, for 6 weeks I tried to come to an agreement with them by writing and over the phone, all letters were ignored. Over the phone they told me things such as go bankrupt and dont forget to let us know when you have, others said we will not come to an agreement with an individual a
  6. Hi, keep your chin up, I too am having problems with freemans/eos they are nasty and devious and just trying to scare you. After having a chat with the expert shadow hes advised me to post the below for some advice for you. "the letter that person received should be forwarded to the OFT, they have no agreement and yet state they can obtain a CCJ (which IS enforcement) against the person. No doubt the letter was headed "without predujice" to protect their sorry asses if court action was to start." "This letter is a clear breach of OFT guidelines and imo states an untruth." PD
  7. Should I start with the CRA letter, im using experian at the moment. I was also thinking of sending freemans a reminder letter that they said they were not going to persue the debt and to stop harrassing me? PD
  8. Hi shadow:), well as you know Iv only got one account but freemans split it, however all the balances that they split begin with the same account number, (this is the actual account number) however when they split the balances they added a 3 digit number at the end. As I cant post my original account number, heres an example of what they have done example of Actual 9 digit account number with one letter H987654321 One balance Split into: H987654321-701 H987654321-702 H987654321-703 H987654321-704 All of the above still had one credit limit after being split and o
  9. Ok heres the link to the scans of the letters, anyone know what I should do next please.
  10. Ok, heres whats happened since I sent shadows letter No response from eos :-| and phone calls stopped Last week I received a letter from feemans saying that they arent going to persue any longer:D its dated the 8th but I only got it last week maybe because of the postal strikes? On saturday I got 2nd freemans letter What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks shadow, Il get this one sent to them, as usual you come to me rescue
  12. I have had 3, actually 4 eos references because the weightmans reference is also an eos ref, but if I send this letter than for sure eos will say we have forwarded this to freemans & then just continue doing what they are like weightmans did. I have already requested a CCA from freemans & acouple of weeks before this from weightmans, & weightmans said ask freemans for the documents.
  13. Hi, Iv already ditched gregory pennington, regarding the court document, They issued a claim on the 4th of august, I received the forms on the 5th, shadow advised me to put in my acknowledgement, so I went onto the court website & it said a judgement had already been ruled against me, I should have had at least 14 days.
  14. Hi, I have a thread in the legal section regarding a part of this problem I have, however as it involves 1 balance being split into 4 I have been advised to create a new thread. Here is a summary of what has happened. I went onto a Debt anagement plan around 6 months ago, I thought freemans had accepted as Gregory Pennington had said so. In july I received a letter from weightmans telling me that they are going to take me to court. More details about this are on the weightmans thread in the legal section. A week later I got three letters from eos each for a different balanc
  15. ok shadow, should I post regarding the other cases in the debt collector section as a claim hasnt been issued yet? PD
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