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  1. They will go as low as 25% so offer them 20% as a starter and then negotiate to 25%, tell them you have managed to borrow this from family and friends.
  2. Hi Pinky If I stop paying them the minimum payments though it will affect my credit rating?
  3. Hello, I requested a copy of my credit agreements on 14/05/2009 by recorded delivery. The letters have been received and signed for. I have not received a reply or acknowledgement from MBNA or Virgin Money Credit Card. Can anyone advise what the next letter should read as this has gone over the timescale now. Many thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, I am not sure what to write in the letter back to them, does anyone have a template?
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum and would appreciate any advice regarding the reply I have received from Capital One I requested a copy of my original agreement on 14/05/09 and received a reply which was Terms of your Capital One Credit Card Agreement which shows my current terms. I replied advising I was dissatisfied and I have received the following reply Dear XXXXXXX Account No: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Thank you for writing back to me about your request for us to provide you with a true copy of your credit agreement. As I've already explained, in accordance with sec
  6. Hi, I am new to this forum and would like some advice please I sent Barclaycard a letter dated 14/05/09 requesting a copy of my credit agreement. I received a reply dated 20/05/09 attaching a copy of my original Terms and Conditions at the time I opened my account and a copy of my current Terms & Conditions, together with confirmation of my credit limit and balance owed. I replied to them advising I was dissatisfied and wanted a copy of my original credit agreement. This is the reply I received Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx Reference: Section 78 of the Credit Consumer
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