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  1. Thanks so much for your reply and suggestion rebel, I will do that. So far there is still stalemate with PP blaming ASOS and vice versa, both saying the other has to deal with it. The latest is that ASOS have told me to send a fax to paypal giving them a copy of ASOS's email stating there definitely is no order. I don't have a fax machine!
  2. I ordered a pair of shoes from ASOS.COM last night. I paid using paypal as I had a positive balance in my account that covered all but £2.27 of the cost and used my debit card for the remaining. When the payment was processed I got the email from PP to confirm I sent £40 to ASOS but it didn't give order details. I didn't get an order confirmation from ASOS and when I logged back in the shoes were still in my basket, and there was no order in my history. i checked my PP balance, which was zero! The money had gone from my account balance. I emailed ASOS, who replied there was no order, and no paypal payment from my email address and to order the shoes again using a debit or credit card. I forwarded the PP email, but heard nothing more. I emailed PP and of course hadn't heard by this morning so I called them. 30 mins later at international call rate I was told I had to tell ASOS to claim the pending payment and process my order, I requested taht the transaction is reversed but they were adament they were unable to do this. I called ASOS who confirmed there was a big problem with paypal payments through the site last night and that it would be sorted out and the payment matched to to orders. I explained my order wasn't registered and she confirmed this. I forwarded the payment confirmation email as proof I had made a payment and she said she would deal with it.. I got an email back saying PP had advised her that the unclaimed pending payment would take 29 days until it timed out and be released back to me and if I had an issue with this I had to take it up with PP and again advised me to pay again if I still wanted the shoes. Im so angry that I have no money and no shoes. ASOS blame PP and PP blame ASOS and neither will do anything to help me. I am a single mum of teenagers on a very low income who very rarely gets the chance to spend spare money on something for herself, so this has upset me so much and I have no idea what to do next, I am not prepared to wait a month for my money to find its way back to me, can anybody please help??
  3. Im hoping for some advice, I was refused IR ESA when I claimed, but should actually have been paid C ESA and have been through the complaints system to have this corrected. However they have told me that I was paid a single payment of £640 in IR ESA several months ago due to a mistake imputing claim information. I did not notice this at the time, and disputed receiving it, but when I actually checked with the bank it appears my CSA payment wasn't paid by my ex that month (sometimes this happens). As it was for almost the same amount, and I must have assumed my balance at the time reflected that and it honestly went unnoticed. Now that my CB ESA has been agreed they have deducted this amount from my back payment leaving me virtually nothing. Can somebody please clarify wether they can do that, I thought that an official error overpayment was treated differently? Are they able to take it in a lumpsum from benefit like that? I had begun to rely on the amount of back dated benefit due to me to sort out some of the mess I got into while off sick for so long and the complaint ran from april to date and has been very stressful. Any advice as to what to do would be gratefully received!
  4. edited to add, sorry I forgot to add the claim was backdated to October when I applied and this is on my nil award letter.
  5. I was hoping for some advice, I apologise if this is far too long, but I wanted to say everything that happened... I have a running complaint with DWP regarding ESA. I am self employed and was sick from Oct 09 to late May 10. I claimed ESA in early January when it was clear I wasnt going to be back to work for a while and was told they would back date the claim 3 months, no problem and that date was on the award notice I received when my claim was denied as I was receiving WTC. When I called for clarification I was told I hadn't the correct level of NI conts (as I had the exemption) and so was assessed on WTC. I was told to call WTC to check if I was still able to recieve WTC and to call the Contributions office to find out how much to pay to bring my NI up to the correct level to receive CD ESA. Thats fine, but he also said it didnt matter when I paid them, just pay when you can afford it and call back and ask us to change your ESA from IB to CB. I asked if that would be from the whole of my claim and he said yes, we will back date it to the very start of your claim so you wont be loosing out. I called WTC and they said I could carry on receiving WTC for 28 weeks as I was still classed as employed. I called back and told DWP and again asked to clarify about the NI and was told the same thing. I was receiving no ESA, and living off my WTC and CTC along with the bit of money I get via CSA, which isn't always that regular so money was very tight. I got CTB and HB too but I found finding the £280 I needed for NI really hard. Finally I had it together in April and just to make sure I was doing the right thing with that precious bit of money so I called again, the person I spoke to said yes as soon as the money is paid, they would release my backdated ESA for the whole of my claim period. She seemed a little vague, so I asked her if she could check with a manager, she put me on hold for ages then came back and said her manager said yes this was definitely the case to go and pay, call back and tell us you had done it, as soon as the payment shows up in a couple of days we will process the claim. I called a few times in the following days and was told to wait...finally I got cross and was passed to a manager who told me that now my NI had been paid there was a 6 week penalty waiting period and THEN they would start paying CB ESA...some point in June. I was furious and was told to write in and complain as if that was what was said that is what they would have to do but I had to go through the complaints process. So I complained and wrote everything in a letter and sent if the same day, April 23rd. I received a letter back a week later to say the would look at the issues and respond by 20th May. I went back to work on May 23rd. I waited...nothing, I called at the end of May and was told they were looking into it. I waited and waited and called every 2 weeks and was told the same thing and this continued until the end of July by which time I had lost patience. Then they started to question why I was receiving WTC when I wasn't working, and if I was working why was I trying to claim ESA. They said I was trying to double up on benefits and that wasn't allowed. I was cross and asked WTC about this and was again told I was able to get WTC for 28 weeks while sick, I called back and made a fuss and they said they would have to find out themselves. Nothing happened and I got cross and a manager took over, and said that she would get it sorted out, there was still the problem with WTC. She consulted another manager who was 'an expert' in ESA to help her and suggested a conference call with the 3 of us to bring this to a speedy resolution. I said I wasn't happy to do that unless somebody from WTC was involved too or it would be the whole picture. She agreed, when she back a couple of days later to say she and the other person were ready to do the CC in 10 mins she said she couldn't get anybody from WTC but had had lengthy discussions and had been given all the info and she would put it to me in the CC. I agreed but felt railroaded. When they called I asked if was being recorded, no, was it being minuted, no but she would make some notes. reluctantly I agreed. First she went through all the issues at length and concluded that each point of contact involved gross misinformation. Fine, I was pleased with that. he said she would give me £75 for this. She also said I was paid £640 in IB ESA in Feb and that was a mistake and therefore they would not ask for it back. I denied I had ever had this and was told to check. Then she went on to whether I was out of pocket as a consequence, and she said she called the WTC helpline herself and was told I had been given incorrect info and that I was only entitled to WTC for 4 weeks from being sick therefore I had received money I wasn't entitled to for the whole period of my claim and therefore they had concluded I was not out of pocket. I strongly objected and asked for a decision to be held off until it was check and she was stroppy and said 2 managers had spent hours over this and were happy they were at the correct outcome and she had no further comments and she would put it all in writing the following day, which she kept repeating. I was stressed and upset, and called WTC again, a manager confirmed I was right. The next day they (DWP) called backed and said they had new information for me and as they were still looking at my complaint would I like to hear it? I was still cross and said I didn't have any faith in either of them so not really and why did they say the day before they were confident they had enough info to reach a decision and conclude the matter? She said they had consulted senior managers and had been told everything I said about WTC and CB ESA being paid at the same time for 28 weeks was correct. Then told me they would pay my CB ESA! Then added it would be from 2nd March to the 23rd May as the 6 weeks would start from 19th Jan when I was given the wrong info!! I said why not Oct? they said you cant backdate benefit...but my claim start date was 14th Oct. Then they said I still hadn't enough NI for 2007 and was 11 short so they cant pay anyway until I paid those. Then said I had around £760 for this but as I had been given £640 in error they would be taking this out first, so basically for six months CB ESA that I topped up NI for to the tune of £280 I would get £120. I was really upset and stressed now, and that is how it stands. Again Im really sorry for the length of this post, I hope it does not break any rules but I desperately need advice...Thanks everybody. x
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