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  1. Thanks so much for your reply and suggestion rebel, I will do that. So far there is still stalemate with PP blaming ASOS and vice versa, both saying the other has to deal with it. The latest is that ASOS have told me to send a fax to paypal giving them a copy of ASOS's email stating there definitely is no order. I don't have a fax machine!
  2. I ordered a pair of shoes from ASOS.COM last night. I paid using paypal as I had a positive balance in my account that covered all but £2.27 of the cost and used my debit card for the remaining. When the payment was processed I got the email from PP to confirm I sent £40 to ASOS but it didn't give order details. I didn't get an order confirmation from ASOS and when I logged back in the shoes were still in my basket, and there was no order in my history. i checked my PP balance, which was zero! The money had gone from my account balance. I emailed ASOS, who replied there was no orde
  3. Im hoping for some advice, I was refused IR ESA when I claimed, but should actually have been paid C ESA and have been through the complaints system to have this corrected. However they have told me that I was paid a single payment of £640 in IR ESA several months ago due to a mistake imputing claim information. I did not notice this at the time, and disputed receiving it, but when I actually checked with the bank it appears my CSA payment wasn't paid by my ex that month (sometimes this happens). As it was for almost the same amount, and I must have assumed my balance at the time reflected tha
  4. edited to add, sorry I forgot to add the claim was backdated to October when I applied and this is on my nil award letter.
  5. I was hoping for some advice, I apologise if this is far too long, but I wanted to say everything that happened... I have a running complaint with DWP regarding ESA. I am self employed and was sick from Oct 09 to late May 10. I claimed ESA in early January when it was clear I wasnt going to be back to work for a while and was told they would back date the claim 3 months, no problem and that date was on the award notice I received when my claim was denied as I was receiving WTC. When I called for clarification I was told I hadn't the correct level of NI conts (as I had the exemption) and
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