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  1. thanks for info how are you are getting on with your claim for ppi let me know if you have any joy with them
  2. thanks i have looked at it but i only have a list of the ppi charges not the actual statements i do not know what the interest rate was at the time i am a bit thick dont know what to do
  3. thanks just pm him as i havent a clue with figures either thanks for your help
  4. Help needed I have had the mbna credit card since 1999 i believe i was mis sold ppi I have recieved a application form for my card from 1999 when i asked for the credit agreement that shows i did not tick the box and a list of ppi charges from 2002 because they say they do not have them from 1999. the charges add up to £1600 from 2002 to april 2009 when i eventually was able to cancel it it was not on a fixed rate it is a calculated by what your balance was that month could someone advice me what to do now if i put a claim in for the £1600 plus interest how would calculate the in
  5. mbna card taken out in 1999 i asked for a list of ppi charges from 1999 to present day they have sent me a letter listing the charges from 2002 as they say they havent got the statements prior to thatto get the information from. the charges from 2002 add up to over £1600 .what do i do now to claim back ppi thanks
  6. hi i have a copy of the credit card application from them last week I have asked for all my statements they said they would respond by the 8th August i want to ppi them because of how they have treated us if nothing else not sure what to do though i am a bit thick i just thought to get everying about the account together first I will try not to worry to much infact going to see friends this weekend to take my mind off things
  7. Thanks for replying its nice to know that you have someone to give you some support I did send them a harrasment letter and asked them to communicate by letter only they stopped for about a month then i got the nasty call from Aegis Mbna say they cant stop them when I owe them money. got a copy of my credit card application from them its very small can hardly read the terms with a magnifying glass I was a additional card holder but it doesnt say that on the application. I noticed that ppi was not ticked, mbna have said they rang my husband and he agreed over the phone.His mbna card chang
  8. my husband has been having problems paying credit card due to his wages being reduced and i was diagnosed with cancer He was quick to tell mbna of our problems and asked if they could reduce interest rate and accept lower payments at first they said no because of rescent spends on the account. yes we used the card for living expenses when i was having a lot of treatment in hospital the last thing he thought of was money when i was having my operations.We have been their customer for 10 years we asked if they would except £100 a month to show we were not ignoring them and we have done that the
  9. Have recieved copy of signed credit card agreement/application from 1999 and it does not show the charges for late payments or charges if you are over credit limit in the terms and conditions having problems at the moment have had all the calls theatening me saying they will put these charges on the account would love to tell them they cant what does anyone think thanks
  10. hope someone can help got my old credit card agreement from mbna it does not show how much they charge for overdue payments or if you go over the limit is this agreement enforceable and can they still charge me for a missed payment
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