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  1. What's a good timescale to request remedy? Below is a copy of the letter I'll send - any opinions appreciated:
  2. That's a good idea rebel, thank you. Yes, there are other residents on site that have had many brushes with the LL's lack of action... Long story short, after 25 years of the LL not gaining planning permission for more residences, along with EA issues and many other aspects, there was recently a Planning enquiry where the Planning Inspectorate have ruled that the LL take down ALL of the residences (20) that don't have planning permission. The LL here carries on 'development' regardless of the appeal failing. This leads to issues like my own being left for a long time. The residents in the 20 residences have all got to find new places to live by October this year. There are numerous injunction orders and court cases involving the LL, and some other people on site are making moves to call him on over charging for electricity among many other things. My action is a small one in comparison and I know I have to move off site; I look for a new place all the time, but I really don't want to let the LL get away with more things. My worry is that when I request he sort the shower tray issue out, that he will do inappropriate work on my place and make it even more difficult to just live here, peacefully and comfortably. I will draft up a letter pertaining to the shower tray issue alone and try to speak to the other residents taking action.
  3. Thanks rebel & watching. I am going to write the LL one last letter in the hope that he will rectify the situation BEFORE I go and get the EA or anyother official body involved. I will draft out a letter and post it here before I give it to him, I would appreciate some input on the content and approach made in the letter. I'll post the letter to this thread later this afternoon.
  4. Hi, I've looked and looked and can only find limited info on my situation. Matters are quite complicated so I will try to focus on the important things. I signed a 6 month AST in April 2010, and am now on periodic tenancy. The (Private) LL has since requested I sign a new AST, but for reasons below I am not ready to sign. I live in a static caravan that is connected to the site (farm with 20+ residential lodges/caravans on) water, sewerage and electric systems. So, deemed as not mobile residence. I recieve Housing Benefit and am currently on JSA (This is temporary!!) The main problem (there are others!) is the insufficient sanitary facilities. I will try to be as breif as I can: The toilet is not a flush system it is a chemical toilet 'top' which was connected to a macerator outside the 'van, but after repeated blockages (caused by the LL inadvertently disconnecting the power to the macerator when the 'van was jacked up to lag pipes in December 2010 to prevent pipes freezing) the macerator was removed (Feb 2011) and the toilet is now connected directly to the sewerage/grey water system...the toilet stinks! and I'm sure this is not a sufficiently 'legal' or sanitary system. I am not 100% sure, but I think the fluids from the toilet system are backing up in the tray under the shower (toilet and shower are in same (very small) wetroom). There is definitely fluids underneath the shower tray as every time I use the toilet the floor (plastic) squelches. I have approached the LL to remedy this, but he has only connected the toilet piping up to the main sewerage system, and has not addressed the 'fluids under the shower tray' issue. Also, whenever I take a shower, the water almost all floods out into the caravan floor, making it very inconvenient to take a shower as I have to soak with towels and mop up the water when I do shower!...this may also leach out the probable sewerage collecting under the shower tray. My son comes to stay (court ordered contact, no residence order) every other weekend, and this obviously inconveniences us both. He just has to have very quick showers! So, my understanding is that I put the request to rectify the fluids under shower tray/leaking shower room in writing. But after this I'm not sure what to do. Even though my rent is now being paid, I have some arrears from last year (approx £500) and this has caused bad relations between the LL and myself. The LL has NO respect for law and rules, even those laid out in the AST. So I don't want to anger him to a point where he evicts me (I'm aware of timescales this is allowed to be done in) I will be moving out sometime this year as the lodges/caravans have no planning permision, and the local Planning Inspectorate have ruled that the whole site be levelled and brought back to it's original state: Fields. But I need to be able to shower properly and use the toilet without fear over health issues and the bloody stench!!! I'm a little lost, so any help at all would be gratefully received. Thank you EYG
  5. Hi, a little confused... I will be putting a bank charges reclaim (yes - I know my chances!) but have a few Q's before I proceed. The account I want to claim on is a closed Halifax one. My current bank is with Natwest. I sent for a preliminary charges list from Halifax, to which they replied that they would need further information to process the request. I am about to write the response, but want to ask about Financial Hardship. Do I fill out a Natwest I&E form and send it with my letter to Halfiax? or: Do I fill out a Halifax I&E form and send it to Halifax? I want to mention FH, the Financial Ombudsman, and the hardship code in my letter to Halifax, is there anyone who can help with getting the correctly termed letter together?
  6. Hi, posting here as a diary of events for my own records, and information for others in a similar position. I have recently had 2 default charges levied on my Step account with Natwest. One in March 2009, and another in July 2009. My account has been run faultlessly for years, and the recent charges have impacted upon my cash-flow (or lack of it!) Both charges were for £38, and I am quite aware of the unlawful nature of these charges. I just phoned Natwest, and they said as there were no banking errors, they would not refund the charges. I told them that I will be entering into correspondance with them to get the charges, and the guy said he had to work within the code his is employed under. I understood this, he said he wished he could help me, but had to work within the code... So...I have given them the oppurtunity to refund the unlawful charges, which they have declined. I have the CAG template all filled out and ready to post today, and will add to this thread with any correspondance and developments.
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