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  1. I haven't signed the consent order yet and I have offered to pay back £15 per month.
  2. So the latest update. I emailed the solicitor and followed 'The Moulds' advise. I then got a telephone call from the solicitor and was told that it should be ok not to fill in the form (as it was the solicitors form not Capquests form) and during the conversation the subject of a consent order came up and they explianed that it was to protect Capquest if I stopped paying. Anyway, I agreed that I would sign it and left it that they would speak to their client and come back to me. I have received an email from the solicitor saying that they want the details of all of my creditors and how muc
  3. Thanks The Mould - I'll do it now. Cookie
  4. Letter in June 2010:- This is final notification that you will receive from the collections department at Roxburghe UK. Due to your neglect to deal with this matter we have to pass the account accross to our recovery department. Due to this a charge of £25 has been added to your debt. We do wish to inform you that this movement may lead to County Court proceedings against yourself. Please contact us within seventy-two hours to amend this. Jonathan Stock Debt Recovery Manager Roxburghe (UK) Limited Another letter in June 2010:- You have failed to contact us in rega
  5. The last letter from Roxburghe was Nov 2010:- IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED - I am surprised to note that you have failed to repond in a satisfactory manner to our previous letter. Your failure to take action indicates to me that you do not intend to settle your liability and therefore I shall pass this matter to our analysts, who will review your case. Should litigation commence, and in the event of a Judgment or decree being entered against you it may affect your credit rating, and you will be liable for all fixed legal fees and any statutory interest, which will be added to the debt.
  6. Hiya, I owe almost £1500 (including court costs). The letter from Capquest said "We have now provided you with a copy of all of the documents as required by your request. We ask that you inform us immediately of the basis of your defence. Alternatively we are prepared to discuss an arrangement to repay the outstanding balance at a rate which is within your means. If we can agree to such an arrangement we will instruct our solicitors, HL Legal to confirm the terms in a Consent Order which will suspend court proceedings on the basis that the arrangement terms are maintained. By agreeing to
  7. They've also mentioned a consent order or some other type of order (begins with T) to protect them?
  8. So what should I say to HL Legal, that I'm not prepared to fill in the form?
  9. I've spoken to HL again today and they have got my email and will forward it on to them. However, they said that Capquest have there own form for income and expediture and have emailed it to me. I'm very concerned as they are asking some very personal questions - should I reply or tell them to use mine or take me to court. I am sure the courts don't ask as much info. Please see below the questionnaire (blank) for you to look at:- INCOME AND EXPENDITURE FORM (Please answer every question) PERSONAL DETAILS Your name: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  10. Thank you all for the info - I will do as you say and we'll see from there.
  11. I've received several letters from Roxburghe Debt Collectors (4 in total since May 2010) on behalf of HFO Capital Limited, prior to that I got 1 letter in 2008 and prior to that I made a payment to Mercers Debt Collections Limited (last payment to them was August 2005). I know that they are not to pursue a debt after 6 years, however, it won't be 6 years until August 2011. So what should I do. The original debt was with Barclaycard, but HFO seem to have bought the debt and it is on my credit file too. I haven't received any default notices yet my credit file shows that I have defaulted in
  12. I've spoken to the Solicitor and made an offer. Due to the weather they didn't ring me back and no answer at the office in the afternoon (assume they all got sent home). Anyway rang the next day and apparently Capquest have accepted my offer on the proviso that I can provide evidence to support (which I can as we are skint!). Anyway I left it that I would email the supporting info over the weekend and that should be it. Thanks to everyone for there help with this. Cookie1234
  13. I don't know - I was hoping someone could tell me. Originally I got a CCJ and I was advised to defend it - but not sure if I have a leg to stand on to be honest!
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