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  1. thanks Bernie, what i intend to do now is to go to Lambeth have word with one of senior managers and see what they have to say, if they are not co-operative and come up with rubbish replies as usual then i will consider to bring action against lambeth and my ex-employer. cheers
  2. thanks green man, the company rule was that the driver pays any parking ticket even so we were delivering their goods and their manager never made sure that where we were delivering parking was ok. and they just took of your wages when they received a parking ticket. cheers
  3. in single yellow line and single strip you can do delivery in London up to 20 minutes i do not know about other parts of UK and in the ticket it had mentioned loading (nothing whatsoever about delivery). the policeman like everyone else is suppose to be sworn before he gives evidence therefore it is his duty to make sure he tells the truth and say what he saw. his statement totally contradicted what the jury saw on cctv.
  4. a police officer with more than twenty years experience arrested someone and told him i am arresting you for this and that reason. that person denied it so the case went to crown court and based on what the policeman had alleged and defendant had put forward his defence the case began and the jury found the policeman had lied and the accused had not committed any offence and the policeman was jailed and not the accused with the help of council cctv. equally i will challange the council using their own cctv and prove that they defrauded me and when i brought civil proceeding, still they insited
  5. Green and Bernie thank you very much indeed for your helpful input, your remark "show a deliberate intent to defraud" that is what i am trying to high lighten surely when there is a cctv they must look and when they see i have breached a contarvane then they must issue ticket. what they have is exactly what you have described intent to defraud by misusing cctv and that is why i am trying the law of torts and not the usual adjudicator procedure..etc
  6. thanks berne yes they passed the £150.00. i agree with what you have suggested but that is why i am trying the law of torts against Lambeth for issuing a ticket where no contravention had taken place. no doubt my employer will be the second defendant in the case.
  7. in February 2005 i was delivering tools to a building site in Lambeth, a week later our company received parking ticket alleging i was loading on a single yellow line, with single strip which i was not. my company paid £100 which i objected, i later wrote to Lambeth by they ignored my letter . a month later i delivered tools to the site and Lambeth issued another ticket and again our company paid despite my objection. i sent the two tickets to their appeal company which investigates complaint and appeal(not adjudicator). that company did not investigate one of the asppeal and with rega
  8. daniells and pedross thanks for those information, i think you are right it was buy to let but about four or three weeks ago they had accepted the offer of £40K including legal cost keeping figures cross they will accept todays offer so far no bad news. cheers:)
  9. thanks LL-enn, the lender birmingham midshires but they were told about four weeks ago that a deal is under consideration so i can not see why they can go ahead with the sale when they can get their money in full in a few weeks time while if they go for the sale never the offer we have made is excelent what is owed plus one year mortgage in advance?? cheers
  10. Ell-Enn thank you very much indeed for the input, i think your advice that they can not recover any shortfall should they refuse our offer will make them think ten times before they sell it, it is substantial sum in excess of £50K. we will use that as a weapon and will make the offer tomorrow.. cheers and thanks a million to everyone.
  11. carpstone, spitfire and sillgirl, thanks a million for your input. crapstone has pointed out a very good point "to challenge them on point of law". i read in another thread ELL-ean has said that The Civil Justice Council mortgage arrears protocols recommend that lenders offer help to customers in arrears - this includes capitalising the arrears. They need reminding of this in your letter. i believe this did not take place, no offer of help was made and my friend has more than one property and the lender has provided her with mortgage on two property so they could have
  12. 2- A friend of mine her house was repossessed after she fell behind the payment (£1700) about 18 months ago and the lender evicted her from the house and gradually the debt increased to £24K. the lender has found a new buyer and I believe they can exchange contract on Monday 21st September. 3- Now a new person has arrived and he is prepared to pay what is owed but it will take him a week or two to come up with the money. 4- The question is what is the best way of stopping the sale of the house or exchanging the contract between the lender and the new buyer in view of fact
  13. thanks a million for that link extremely useful. and very nice one i do not know! right then £1500. in the high court there is a term they use unspecified ( in the value section ) this is used when sometimes there is more than one defendant or it is not monetary issue and the fee is £1350.00 (none negotiable)
  14. thanks steven i did not know that you could put unlimited at county court, i thought max that one could claim is currently £100K. cheers
  15. thank you very much martin and steven , very good question. in most civil litigation the claimant has a reasonable good idea how much money is roughly owed by looking to the credit owed, or goods lost by comparing value or damaged goods or property..etc but in torts litigation there is no fixed value or price for instance how much one should seek damages for traspasing or distresed caused...etc. so a sensible litiagent starts the cliam in a manner he can change damges should he suddenly find in a similar case more damges were obtained. i have been told usually lawyers in uk put unlimited in th
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