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  1. Hi folks, This is my first thread on here but I have been browsing for about 5 months. I am a former bankrupt and a failed IVA customer. I am posting because orange claim I owe them £569.00. They have added nearly £400 pounds for the contract time as my wife took a new and very basic handset out not long before I went bankrupt. The debt was firstly placed with Moorcroft and then and as off a couple of days ago placed with dlc. The letters I keep recieving are being sent to MIKE collier and not Michael (my legal name) and I wonder if they are claiming a debt off the wrong person??? I have no problem paying what I owe them and over 6 years I spent nearly £6000 pounds with orange and paid all the bills although I never used all my free minutes,quote often going alot under the tariff I was on. I rang dlc tonight and was out for an argument but the young lady I spoke to was really nice and helpful ( THE WORST KIND ). they however claim that I still owe all this money and that as I woldnt give her any details they wont help me. Have Moorcroft passed this debt over because they have not bullied us into paying or because they want to give someone else a crack at the whip!! I am fully intending on being as awkward with them as possible but I need to know can they send someone to our doorstep and try anything on over what we owe???
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