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  1. Hi all! Well I have my first response from Mark A Loker (Service Manager...anyone else had contact with him???) who informs me that he is "looking into the matters you have raised and will contact you with a full response as soon as I have completed my investigations."! - So I don't hold out much hope there then! This letter was dated only 4 days after my request for repayment so that was quite fast! Now a quick question....should I send the LBA 14 days after my request...or 14 days after their rather limp response??? Cheers!
  2. Now they have REALLY ****ed me off! They bounce my phone payment of £40 because I am £20 over my overdraft...charge me £25 for the priviledge...AND THEN THEY PROCESSED £150 IN NOTIFIED FEES!!! WHY DIDNT THEY BOUNCE THAT ONE???!!!
  3. hi pete, yes i know the page BUT it doesny give a breakdown as to what the charges individually relate to! Surely this is wrong!!
  4. Hi Guys, I always thought that the maximum monthly "charge" from HSBC wAS £125?? I have been charged £150 Notified Fees this month!! Why are they called Notified Fees??? have no breakdown of them!!! This has lead me to start my 3rd claim against them so I expect they will close my account soon. Let me know your thoughts people!
  5. Hi Guys! Have downloaded the open office version of the spreadsheet but in the Days since offence column and the interest column it just says #NAME? Is the formula wrong??? Cheers! The Timelord
  6. Hi, My partner is due in court on the 31st....still no papers from [problem]! Let us know how it goes!!! Good luck!
  7. Hmm...does no-one think asking DG solictiors for the extra £74 is a good idea then?
  8. Hi guys....been a while since I posted here! Basicaly I have been offered full settlement of £303 on my second claim BUT since starting the claim have been charged another £74! Should I decline the offer by the solicitors and advise that I will settle for £377 or go to court. I have the court allocation paperwork to fill out. Has anyone tried this strategy with DG solicitors and what was thje response? ( I believe I can alter my claim amount at an additional cost of £30...is this correct?)
  9. all filled in and sent off! What next? Should I inform their solicitors? ( Who have made no contact so far!)
  10. Hi guys, My partner hass received a notice of transfer of proceedings and an allocation questionnaire in her claim for £947 against Lloyds....any advice on how to fill it in? Its all in legalise and quite daunting! Cheers!
  11. Hi! Had a refund of £56 into my account from Robert Udy! Not enough! I have written a rejection letter accepting as part settlement and warned that a county court claim will be issued unless they settle in full by 15th November! ( Amount outstanding now only £60 but it is the principle!)
  12. well 14 days have been and gone so LBA is being sent today. Charges now total £116!
  13. Hi Guys! Just successfully got a refund of £2303 from HSBC so nowe Im starting on Capital One! Its only £104 but it has been taken in the last 6 months!! How fast do they respond???
  14. Hi Guys, Money is now in the bank!! Thanks for all your help. Now its on to CapitalOne and claiming ANOTHER £300 from HSBC which they have charged in the final stages of my first claim! Will they ever learn???
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