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  1. Do I have to contact the courts myself & if so which & how
  2. In 2007 I requested a refund of bank charges & was offered £700, which I accepted, it was only in 2009 I realised that i could claim back to 2001 so in 2009 after receiving another £1400 in charges I wrote to them & said I wanted a refund under the hardship rules, to which they refused & my claim has already been logged with the courts. I now want to claim back to 2001. I need advice on how I go about withdrawing my old claim & submitting it with an up to date one, & also on the wording of the claim I have been led to believe that the wording is paramount to the outcome & you cannot say unfaie is this true & if so how do you request it? Thanking you in advance.:-?
  3. I have been receiving letters fom a DCA for a debt I am supposed to have had with shop direct. I wrote to them on two occasions asking when & who the debt was for & sent them £1 PO They wrote back saying I owe £220 for Kays catalogue but no date as to when it was ordered or what was ordered. They are still demanding money. Now what?
  4. Thanks maroondevo52 I will try that
  5. This bank have added £1200 charges on a £198 debt from a current A/c. They are sending me solicitors letters although I have sent them £10 for statements. They are denying receiving any money although I have proof & it is now 76 days since I sent the money requesting info on the A/c. Where do I go from here. When they do send mail it just repeats the same old trash, "waiting for the outcome in the court next year" & my complaint ref has been noted. Any advice please
  6. Are marstons bailiffs or court enforcement officers. A man from Marston collected on a £45 fine for the court but ordered me to pay £270, not only was it over inflated by nearly500% but it was not my debt it belonged to my son who lives with me & is 20 yrs old. He has nothing to take so they said if my household goods had no till generated receipts they could take my goods. I had to borrow the cash as I beleived him. iT WAS then proven my son did'nt do the crime so the courts returned his £45 but Marstons will not give me the balance of £225 & say they acted within court guidelines, I rang the magistrates & they also say they acted legally, surely this is not true?
  7. Hi forest5 I know what you mean re Lloyds the amount of hassle I have had for the same things. 1. Loan - £780 2. Credit card - £1600 (although being paying £10 monthly for 4 years) & 3. My current A/c which they say I owe £1300 (started at £198 & then with bank charges @ £200 per month gone to £1300). Now I have Apex giving me grief & threts for all 3 accounts & threatening me with court. I know I dont owe this much so I asked for a subject access report & sent £10 to which they had 40 days to respond now they reckon I've not sent anything. I know it is now in dispute but Apex keep on writing I too dont know where to go So I will follow your thread or if you get any advice come back to me, cheers
  8. The order was in my sons name he is 20 years old, I am not responsible for his fine, he lives in my house & pays board for his room. I told the bailiffs to take what they wanted from his room, they said if he did'nt have anything they can by law take anything in the house if I had no till generated receipt.
  9. A Man From Marstons Came To My Home For A Debt To The Court For My Son, Who Owed £270 He Had Nothing To Take So They Told Me I Had To Pay For Him As They Could Take Anything In The House Unless I Had A Till Receipt For It. I Told Him Nearly All My Home Has Been Bought 2nd Hand After A Fire I Had So He Said Written Receipts Are No Good So He Could Take What He Wanted. I Had To Borrow Off A Neighbour To Stop Him Taking My Computer & Goods. Is This Legal.
  10. Can anyone help me please, I followed your direction on site re sending £10 to Lloyds tsb & requesting my statements to work out how my bank charges are so much, I told them I knew of the 40 day timeline. They sent me a letter after I wrote again saying they had not received my £ 10, so i wrote again telling them that not only did I still have the postal order stub but also proof of posting as it went recorded delivery. It has now been 75 days & still no statements, where do I go from here. CHEERS:sad:
  11. My problem is that I would like some help with, please. The first , MARSTONS group, collected £270 from my son who knew nothing about a debt. Marstons said we had to pay as the van was coming and they were going to take my belongings if I had no till receipts to show. I gave them my mortgage money for my son they advised him to go to the mags court and swear an oath. The courts beleived him & refunded the original fine amount of £45 but we had to get the other £235 back off Marstons. I have written twice and received a letter telling me I am in the complaints queue. Any help please.
  12. Sorry Car2403 still finding my way round the site. So confusing I am not all that with computers.
  13. I was wondering if anyone could help, I came on this site in July Re. the Lloyds idiots, who are chasing me for 3 seperate A/c. The credit card & my loan I do not deny owing them the money I just wanted them to add them together so I can make 1 monthly payment instead of 3 seperate ones, which I cannot afford They wanted £20 on each every week, Not a chance do I have that. So they are basically ignoring that request and thirdly my problem A/c is my visa electron/debit card. It started out with a £198 debt which is now £1400 doe to bank charges. On the forums advice I sent a subject access letter & £10 for my statements so I can see what they do owe me & apply for it back under severe hardship rules. On the 12th day they replied to my debit account letter with no mention of the subject access nor the £10 postal order just a letter saying they will look into it & gave me a complaint ref No. Where do I go from here? Nothing seems to make sense in their letters to me. Thanx:(
  14. Sorry this is not a reply to your dilemma, but I do not know how to start out with a letter of my own. I sent the Lloyds a letter & a subject access letter & £10 postal order for my statements as I wish to apply for my charges back under the hardship heading. I received a letter from them 12 days later with no mention of the subject access or the £10, just a letter saying they are going to look into it & let me know, with a complaint reference No. Please help as I do not know where to go from here.
  15. thanx pgh 7447, Did as you advised, the loan & the credit card, I do owe the money, I just thought there was a way I could combine the two in order to make one payment monthly, so I did;nt bother with the CCA. I did however want to fight the debit card debt as I do not owe that amount it is all interest. I sent a subject access letter from the templates provided & right on the 12th day they sent me a letter saying my complaint will be dealt with & they will send a response as soon as is possible. They have not mentioned the subject access letter nor the £10 I have sent for all my statements. Where do I go from here as my debts are incurring £200 per month. I did ask for an overdraft to cover the amount so I did not get any more interest added, but they have not even bothered replying. Any help will be appreciated. (sorry to come this way but I have no idea how to start a new thread.
  16. Thanx Pinky 69 for your help. Marstons are just one of about 5 different debt collectors I have chasing me at the moment. I hope this message is in the right place as I am new to this sight & this is the first message I have answered. THANKS.
  17. Thanx Pinky 69 for your help. Marstons are just one of about 5 different debt collectors I have chasing me at the moment. I hope this message is in the right place as I am new to this sight & this is the first message I have answered. THANKS.
  18. I wonder if anyone can help we recently had law enforcement officers at my house for my sons unpaid penalty ticket to which he knew nothing about. I explained I had written to the courts etc but they would not leave until they had either goods or £270. The next day we went to Manchester magistrates whereupon my son had to swear an oath that it was not him. So the ticket was withdrawn. The court informed us that they would only return £45 the original amount & we had to contact Marstons collectors for the balance. To date they have not replied. Surely I am entitled to my money back.
  19. Please can anyone help me I am not sure about the law and certainly noy the Lloyds rules. I have 3 Lloyds accounts 1.Laon account balance £780 2. Credit card balance £1600 3. Debit card a/c balance was £198 ayear ago now £1400. I have written over & over again telling them I am on disability following a house fire in which it burned down. Then my debts spiralled out of control when in 2006 my teenage son died and for a year I was in limbo then my partner and I parted and this year I waas admitted into hospital for the third time only this time I nearly died. I have explained to the Lloyds I have no spare money and cannot afford to pay all 3 debts off at the same time I have asked them to stack them 1 behind another and I will pay £20 month, but still the letters of refusal come interest on the debit account is going up at £200 month and now I have solicitors letters. What does worry me is that I am buying my home do they have a right to force a sale or a charging order. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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