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  1. Thanks wonkydonkey & halowitch, very useful info I shall be on it 1st thing tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Please can someone help me. My son has a bailiff from Marstons coming to my home for a court fine that was £350 & the other day they hand delivered a letter with a 7 day removal warning & stuck another £200 on it. My point is he lodges with me now as he is 23 yrs old & as he is unemployed had very little in his room, certainly not £550 worth. The rest of the house however has a lot of electrical items & items worth money but not belonging to my son. I have read they can go all over the house but how can thatbe when he rents 1 room. I have also been told that unless I have receipts for all goods they can take them. Some of my things were bought 2nd hand & I have lost receipts to other stuff. Please advise where I stand, I have offered £10 per week to Marstons but they just said too late its with the bailiff who has given 7 days, that was 3 days ago. Do I have to let them in they threatened to come with a locksmith last time. I just cant see how they cantake goods that dont belong to my son. Thank you
  3. Hi Carnation here been off line for months now due to illness & not done anything with Marstons yet. I went to the court last week & got a N1 form now Im sat here with it & havent got a clue what too write . I know to put the facts but is their any technical stuff I should be aware of,. I scared of filling it in & ruining it by writing the wrong thing. It asks for solocitors names do you have to have one?
  4. Hi I have been off line for a while now due to illness, so lost all happenings withthe banks. I see it still isnt setled were getting overdraft charges back. nI recently received a letter from the Lloyds ststing my A/c wad now closed & showed my ststement at zero balance, I thought they had finally taken pity & wiped out all charges. Yesterday I had a letter from Moorcroft asking for the total sum, it transpires that the bank has sold the debt to this lot who are now threatening me with bailiffs or court. I have explained to them that it is in dispute, & have now decided to go to the FOS as they have turned me down on hardship basis. Can they do this the bank & the collectors? & how do I approach the FOS. tHANKS
  5. :???:I have had dealings with this shower for nearly a year & still got no where as they are just liars, below is just 1 copy of 6 letters they have had from me, Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you regarding the above A/c No’s. These essentially related to where an, as yet, unknown person gave my sons name & address relating to an offence of walking along the hard shoulder of the motorway. In the wake of this the Courts at Manchester then asked your company to collect the fine imposed (£45.00). I had written to the courts stating that it was not my son, and to your company. I received a letter from the police saying that he had to sign forms to declare that it was not him, but was never told to attend the court to go before a judge. On the day that your representative called to enforce collection, which had increased to £270, I told him that I was awaiting an answer from the courts about what I had to do. I then told him I have to deal with everything for my son as he has a nervous disorder & starts stuttering in such a bad way he becomes angry & tearful as he cannot get his point across. I also explained that my son only had an old portable TV in his bedroom, to which he then turned his attentions to myself & informed me that he had the right to take what he wanted unless I had a till generated receipt, I explained that I had had a house fire & all my furniture was either second hand bought or given to me. He refused to move his foot from out of the door, even when I explained that I was in severe pain due to being disabled & could not stand up for more than a few minutes, he just kept saying the van is on its way so you had better hurry up & get the money. In the end I had to sit on the hall floor, whilst ringing around to see if I could borrow the money He then told me about the procedure before the judge & sign an affidavit. He explained that this happens a lot and he would have to collect on the warrant but once the court paid back the fine I only had to write to your firm for the return of the remaining £225. I asked him why it had gone up so much & he said standard charges My son attended court the next day (10th June2009) who found in his favour & dismissed the case, realising that I had sent several letters to them & that the procedure had not been explained to us, he also told me I could contact the bailiffs for reimbursement. I told the judge that your Mr Numpty had informed me that if the judiciary cancelled the fine then your company would return the balance. This amount of money I did not have & neither did my son, and only for a neighbour I would have had what little I have seized by Mr Numpty As I am only in receipt of state benefits and thereby in very much reduced financial circumstances and am a single parent. I have no money to live on let alone lose because of the actions of a third party. I should like to conclude by adding that I think Mr Numpty acted in a matter that was unduly aggressive, & threatening. He has tried to levy illegally, and under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 made false representations to obtain money. I am going to write to the courts for a detailed assessment of fees and as to whether the amount I was charged was reasonable or not especially as the courts have refunded the original fine. According to HMCS leaflet EX345 the charge imposed should not exceed the fine itself, & no additional fees should be levied as no goods were removed. I am asking the Magistrates court for form EX106A re entitlement to fee concession & how I should proceed regarding full re-imbursement , & compensation,( in my name as I paid the charge & only I have a bank account.) as I have been left with snowballing debts since I was tricked into parting with this money, that not only my son did not owe but the debt was not even in my name. If you need any paperwork that relate to this case or evidence, I can provide it immediately. I look forward to hearing from you in 10 days. I received yet another letter from Marstons in Jan 2010 saying I have been through stage 2 of complaints procedure & because of several reasons. they are not refunding. 1 My son did not let anyone know it was not his fine I did I wrote to them & the courts on several occasions. 2 I did not say in my very first letter how many lies Mr Nellist told me I thought I just had to ask & explain thr fine had been withdrawn, that’s why 3The original letter the court sent with the £45 after my son went to court & swore it was not his fine worded the letter wrong & put it as an overpayment instead of a refund I now have the right worded letter from the court It has now been nearly a year so I am now going to lodge it with the local courts. Any advice please? . Yours Faithfully
  6. Hi Tomtubby I am in Manchester Lancs, & this has been going on now since last July, now they wont respond at all. I am going to see the site re N1 & see where that goes.
  7. Hi Bankfodder what is your admin address I want to be sure it is going to the right place cheers
  8. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could help. Last year Marstons lied & bullied £270 of me for a debt that was not mine. I have written over 6 letters asking for the money up to stage 2 in the complaints system. I still have heard nothing 5 weeks on, how do I go about putting a claim against them , is there anything I should ask for or be aware of? cheers
  9. Hi I was hoping someone could help me, I am being bombarded by debt collection agencies & solicitors on behalf of Lloyds, I have tried to get my charges back but only by sending the template letters from the forum I have not lodged anything with the courts yet. I had just received my 6 yrs statements when the OFT lost the fight in Nov. I have now read there is a new avenue to explore what do I actually quote or is it not ready yet & what do I do about all the pressure they are applying. Thanks.
  10. I was wondering if you had used the insurance on a loan (I took out a £5,000 loan & had to have insurance) After about 6 months I becamr seriously ill & could not pay the loan so the insurance paid it almost to the end, could I still claim for the loan insurance or does it not apply if you have had to use it.
  11. Hi all I bank with the Halifax & Lloyds, the latter is the problem with 3 A/c in dispute & money owed to me. If OFT lost the case in court with the test case & the courts think charges are right, What test case & bank was used? Is it only Lloyds that charge £200 per month charges because I know the Halifax dont. Why cant the test case be one from Lloyds like mine? which only started with me going over my £100 overdraft by £20, so in my mind my debt to them is £120 instead it has snowballed to £1345, & now sine 25 Nov 09 they are becoming heavy handed & sending solicitors letters.
  12. I hope someone can get their heads around this one because I cant & dont know what to do. On my debit A/c due to bank charges I owe £1300 under my personal A/c & sort code ref. Then last year I was been chased for the identical amount but in some other A/c No. I wrote loads of letters to Lloyds saying this was not my A/c. Then in Sep 09 on production of my statements I received a statement saying DEP TFR CDR £1300 A/c now closed zero balance, thats under my sort code & A/c No. Now I,m being taken to court for £1300 under a different A/c No. What do I do? What does the above abbreviations mean DEP TFR CDR.
  13. Ive just received that letter as well plus the day after one from a solicitor saying I have 1 week to pay full amount £1300 where do I go now?
  14. I am so sorry for being so dim re bank charges, but I am up in the air at the moment & dont know where to turn. The Lloyds are chasing me for 3 A/cs Credit card which I do owe & the other I owe is my loan. I will pay them when they refund the charges on my debit A/c which they are also chasing me in the amount of £1300 all of which are charges plus all the other charges they've taken. I sent them a letter with all the usual blarb about being on benefits & tried to claim through financial hardship for the amount of £2,700 whch got knocked back. Thet havent hassled me up until the OFT outcome in Nov, now I'm being threatened with court action & getting solicitors letters. I've being reading about a bundle someone sent in re witness statement, (which I cant find what No in the templates library is it & what other docs do I need. Nothing is with the courts yet, although I've being writing to the bank now for over 1 year. Is it too late now & what do I do about the court threateners, is the new template ready so I can put it into dispute again. Do I have to go to the courts with it & if so what do I have to take in.
  15. Hi Just been reading someons thread re credit card repayments. They had no signed agreement but was post April 2007. I have a credit card & recently applied for a SAR, they sent me details of my A/c including a signature but it was in 2004, do I still have to pay? I would not normally do this but these scumbags have just sent me threateners for court re my debit A/c, which is made up of entirely bank charges with going over on my overdraft by £2, they now want £1,300:?:
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