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  1. I was trading as partnership Ltd company,but the debt was self guaranteed by both of us in case the company went under PT. I have attached the form 55 WD Thanks Dave
  2. Hi Wd,thanks for the reply The HCE is C.N.GAUNT & SON,do i send the SAR to the HCE company and enclose a £10 cheque. Dave
  3. Really stuck,please help. This is what it says on the No.55,notice of Seizure: Paragraph 3. The judgment debt of £2311,26 and £111.75 costs of execution are due under the Writ £448.82 together with interest and fees and charges of the enforcement officer. Interest is charged on a daily basis. Total now due £2871.83 as at 21/07/2011 When i phoned the company,the man said that the total cost had gone up to £3030 because they was chasing payment for three people,the company we owned,Myself and the business partner. Please can someone confirm if this is right and what next step should be .
  4. Hi,long story this one. I am a builder who had a joint business, we came into financial difficulty 2 years ago due to the recession ,we had an account with a builders merchant, we owed roughly £2100, we couldn't afford to pay them so we just left it. We started getting reminders etc. but we choose to ignore it. We then got a ccj against us for none payment, then the letter from the bailiffs(21/07?2011), we was advised to ignore them because both of us had moved at the time and they will not find us. Today they found my ex business partner and they was going to size his car, the car is in his wife name, so the bailiff left. I have rang the company up and agreed to pay them in 2 instalments ,the bill stands at £3031 now which seems a massive increase. I am still in doubts whether to pay this as it seems the right way is not to let them in lol I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on the massive increase on the debt and whether i have done the right thing Kind Regards Dave
  5. Thanks kiptower, I have also come across these forums and has given me confidence in defending myself if i have to goto court. Thanks
  6. Hi scott, Any chance you can move this Thread to legal issues please. Thanks
  7. Hi, Didnt know were to post this so- sorry if this is not in the right place. Our company recieved a telephone call from nhsmedic care 12 months ago asking if we would like to advertise on the nhs/dvla intranet,we was told that all nhs staff would see our company logo so we would create more buisnness to us if we offered a discount to all nhs/dvla staff. We thought this was a great idea and agreed.We could not afford to pay all at once so they split the payments into three payments,the salesman who we was dealing with in my house took a cheque with him for the 1st payment. After 6 months we had not been put on the nhs intranet,we had not recieved any booklet or gold cards (the gold cards are suppose to give me and my buisnness partner discounts at any other participating companies that signed up with the company) Medicare started asking for the second payment so i rang them to say we was not happy cause our copmpany was not advertised. 1 month later we was up and running and recieved our cards,the 1st thing i did was went to the chinese in our town with the gold card because they to was offering 10% discount on meals.After we had eaten we went to pay the bill but they would not discount the meal because they was in court proceedings against nhs medicare for misrepresentation. Our company recieved a court claim form for the outstanding balance today,previous to this we have been getting calls asking for payment but i have told them our company couldnt afford to pay them due to the recession which is not a lie,what i havent done is told them that this is a [problem]. I have done a lot of research on the net and believe that this company are ripping people off and not telling the truth about there advertising. They maybe have a site that offers discount to different companies but i have asked nhs staff about this nhs medicare and they are not aware off it,i thought all nhs staff carried this gold card but as far as i am aware no nhs staff has heard of this. I dont want to pay this company and would appreciate anyones help on this. Thanks P.S sorry for the essay.
  8. Thanks patdavies,cheque has been sent today with letter.
  9. Thankyou bookworm for your advice,i will make sure i do that. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi, 6 Months ago i had a phone call from a publication company asking if we wanted our buissness logo in a local building regs brochuer. The lady on the phone said that there was only room for one more builder to advertise in this brochure,we could have this space 1/4 of a size A4 paper for £1200 for 2 years. Now,this brochure is sent out to every person who has planning permission granted. It contains building regs advice,and a list of builders,plumbers,electricians etc etc that the council recommend. I thought this was a great idea,but could not afford to pay this all at once.I asked if we could spread the payments over 12 months,and she said yes,no problem at all,we just need you to sign this today as we need to start this brochure for publication.(It was all done really quick and my mate had to sign this agreement on my behalf due to not having a fax on site). I recieved an E-mail a month ago showing what out advert would look like,i E mailed back saying yes it is fine.They also informed after agreeing that the advert was ok we would be invoiced. I recieved the invoice,it was for the full amount,not the 12 monthly installments which we agreed to. I phoned them,told them my situation,they said that the person we dealt with would never agree to these terms and the maximum we could spread these payments would be 3 months,i told them the only reason we went ahead with this was because we only could afford to pay over 12 months and if we had to pay over 3 then we would not gone ahead with it. The situation now is,we keep getting invoices for the full amount,they will not accept our payments over 12 months,we cant afford to pay the full amount due to lack of work for the last 2 months. Do i have to pay this in full,or does the verbal agreement over the phone count? I would really appreciate some help with this as i am expecting a final reminder for money before they send me through the court. Cheers Dave
  11. HI, Recieved a phone call 10 days ago telling me the book we are sponsoring is ready for publish and they will send a copy of the book for our approval,also they would send 30 books to a choosen school in my area,this is going to cost £199.00.The book is called Drugs thugs and internet bugs. I said to the person on the phone i was not aware of this sponsorship,He replied" the order was done over the phone in december which i agreed for them to go publish these books etc etc,I said there has to be a mistake,i would not give the go ahead for this,but send me the book and the invoice and i will look at it. Today i recieved a phone call(withheld number) from ESP asking for payment by credit card,i asked the lady for the school these books were going to,she did not know and would get back to me,i replied saying i would forwad a cheque on. I have come home and researched this and it is a complete [problem],they do this to small buissness hoping to be paid outright with no questions asked. I thought i would make this aware for other people and would be gratefull if anyone else has had this [problem] pulled off on them. With research they will send me letters with deadlines,threaten to go to court and abrupt telephone calls. I cant wait cause they dont have a leg to stand on. Cheers Dave
  12. Thankyou for the replys,my son will phone the landlord up and ask if he can pay by standing order Thankyou again Dave
  13. My son is due to start renting a student house in september,there will be six sharing this house.He has paid £450 deposit and also two retainer cheques each for £150,which come out in july and august 07. He has now been asked for 10 retainer cheques for each month starting sept 07 to june 08,each cheque to the value of £303. Is this normal or legal? Any advice will be greatly recieved Cheers
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