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  1. but they are saying it was an advised sale not a non advised sale
  2. The main thing I wanted to know is if anyone else has had a similar response from Barclays and what did they do about it, or should I call their bluff and ask them to prove it.
  3. my reason was I was young at the time, in perfect health, had a well paid job at a very secure company so had no need for the ppi as would never need to make a claim on it
  4. I have made a claim through Barclays as I believe I was mis-sold on several credit cards and loans, they have accepted on of these was mis-sold and paid me £1893, I received a letter from them today stating that another one was not mis-sold as the application was done in the branch and I would therefore have agreed to the PPI, as the application in the branch dates back to 1997 I am not sure how they could prove this, is this likely to be a way of them getting out of accepting it was mis-sold and not paying me, and should I tell them I want this reinvestigating as
  5. OK, I'll wait to see if Direct Line come back with anything on Facebook if not I'll go down the SAR route.
  6. Any ideas on best Direct Line address to send this to?
  7. No I have no paperwork and the loan is at least 10 - 15 years old, I contacted RBS this morning as Direct Line gave me their number as their PPI claims number, the female who answered was extremely unhelpful and I advised her that as I see it they are just using this as a fobbing off tactic and just being deliberately awkward to try and put me off but they'll have to try a hell of a lot harder to do that. Would I send the SAR to RBS though or Direct Line?
  8. I have been advised of this, the claim is with RBS but they are stating they have no records for Direct Line that are over ten years old.
  9. Called Direct Line Head Office yesterday and spoke to Consumer Relations who could not assist me, have contacted them on Facebook and someone on their is looking into this but so far no joy, will try Head Office again.
  10. Hi, I had a loan for around £12500 with Direct Line around ten years ago, I have sent a PPI claim off to RBS who are saying I need to contact Direct Line for the account number for the loan as the have no record of this. I have contacted various different numbers for Direct Line but as they no longer do loans this is proving a very difficult exercise to get the answer that I want. Does any have any ideas as to where I can turn to obtain this information from Direct Line as it would be most appreciated.
  11. I have sought advice on their apparent threat of a costs order and it does seem that they have little chance of success with this and it is just a tactic they are using to get me to withdraw my claim, which, if as they seem to believe, I have no chance of winning my claim, then why do they want me to withdraw it?? I understand what you are saying (mariefab) regarding my post #3, but regardless of whether they made a mistake or not in the type of meeting in which I was dismissed, it was clearly stated to me that it was a first absence review meeting, and nowhere in the contract does it sta
  12. mariefab - the respondent had until 15th July to respond, I spoke to employment tribunal office on 16th July and was advised they had responded on 15th July, I am still yet to receive a copy of their response. ET have advised me the case is now awaiting a date. I know that for certain claims, e.g. unfair dismissal, you need at least 12 months service, but breach of contract claims do not require 12 months and can be made from the day your employment commences.
  13. If my claim had little chance of success the why would the employment tribunal accept my claim and proceed with it in the first place?
  14. Why do you think that? They have not followed their contract correctly, and have admitted this, regardless of whether I was in my probationary period or not a contract is still a contract.
  15. I had been employed by the company for four months and was still in my probationary period, during this four months I had been off sick on three separate occasions. The company has a policy whereby if you are off sick on three occasions you have an attendance review meeting to discuss your absences and work out a way forward to improve the situation, if after you first review meeting, you are off sick twice within twelve months of this meeting you have a second meeting, any more absences a third meeting, then it goes to a final meeting where you can be dismissed. According to their c
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