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  1. I didn't start using that phrase til recently . I sent the standard account in dispute letters . I am annoyed with myself .
  2. I stopped paying in 2009 . Interest was frozen at that point anyway as I was on a dmp. I spent the last 3 years writing account in dispute letters and asking for cca. So I suppose that I have acknowledged the debt within all that correspondence .
  3. hi,so you mean just let them get on with it and ignore them? Assuming they never try and go to Court the worst they can do is knock on my door.I already had a default ( 3 years ago) so they can't do that again ! This particular debt is my biggest (6k) and Mercers knocked on my door last year. I saw them off and next thing i knew it was with another DCA .
  4. Thank you Brokebutnotbeatn, I will write that out and get it posted after the weekend. I hate it when they write letters like that. I know its a counter attack because they have nothing and are simply trying to use scare tactics, but its like being treated like a naughty child !
  5. Hello again, I have an ongoing Barclaycard battle. It is now with MK debt collectors. Like many others on here I have an old (late 90's) credit card. They refuse to show me an agreement and keep sending t+c's etc. They say they have satisfied section 78 blah blah. In their last letter they did send something I hadn't seen before. It is my signature on a terrible microfiche type copy of an agreement . There are no prescribed terms. It just seems to be all my personal details that I have confirmed with a signature and sent back to them. I attach a copy of their cover letter. They say its their final response . What should I do now? This letter is actually their response to my twice sent CPR REQUEST ( do you or do you not hold a valid copy of an agreement signed by myself etc) . http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w481/penelope-pittstop/img072.jpg
  6. Hi, thanks for all your responses. I have sent my response to them. Have also sent a copy of Bazookas .
  7. Thank you Brigadier! thats fab. I will post it off tomorrow.
  8. correction: that should read that ' I know its bad ' ! What else should I add /change? thanks guys
  9. Hi. ok thanks, this is all I have so far and I know its not bad , so if anyone can save me from myself ,that would be great. Dear Sir Or Madam.

 With reference to your letter dated 24-04-12 regarding debts you allege are
 owed by me, take note I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any company
 you may claim to represent. The document provided by your Customer Service Representative are non compliant. The valid Terms and Conditions were not present nor were the Prescribed Terms. {Therefore this account is formally in dispute untill you can produce a compliant document. Due to the inordinate length of time it has taken to produce even this non compliat document I am reporting this matter to the OFT forthwith. No further correspondence will be entered into.} Recorded deliver to the Compliance Manager.
  10. Yes I am hoping they wont attempt to go to court with all this! I found the name Steve Glassborow for the Bromley Branch. Shall I address directly to him? As for the letter itself, should I start it by stating 'i do not acknowledge any debt to...." and then go on to say ' I am complaining about your companies methods ' etc ? Am a bit stumped as I have only ever done the cca request letters before. thanks
  11. Thats great. I am going to do that today. I will post back here with a response when I get one. Thanks .
  12. Hello Brigadier, Thanks. So the data controller at Aktiv? Sorry, am still a bit confused at how it all works.
  13. Hi, I have been on here before mainly with my Cabot/sainsburys cca issues. . This MBNA Credit Card debt is just over a grand .It was a lot higher but i spent years paying it before getting into difficulty and asking for help (which I didn't get). I haven't paid anything since July 09 as that how long I have been asking to see a valid agreement. The debt is now with Aktiv kapital and the interest has long been frozen. All they have produced in place of a valid CCA is one of those 'you have been pre selected ' application forms . In response to my last letter pointing out that there are no terms eg credit limit they have sent the following letter. Yes, I did sign the application form at the time. Can anyone advise me on what to do next? http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w481/penelope-pittstop/img070.jpg
  14. No. I stopped paying in 2009. They are not the first to have the account. They have upped their chasing these last few months. They have had the account for about a year though. No interest added ,the account is the same amount as when it went into dispute in 2009.
  15. Hi DM ! Well I have double checked my 'agreement' and it says nothing about referring to a separate page for the prescribed terms. Therefore based on Alans posts these def dont comply. its pre 2006 and doesn't contain the terms within the signed agreement. I will write back to Cabot with something to that effect and continue to mark it ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE. They will continue to mention the reconstituted paperwork though and pretend to not know what I am talking about . I will keep you posted. Good luck with yours. I am sure they wil get back to you soon enough !
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