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  1. I really am confused. I have asked for help but nothing you say so far makes sense to me. If you cannot help me that is fine but I wish someone could. I appreciate you answering but I feel I am no further forward. Is there anywhere else on the forum I can look to seek help? I just need concrete answers not vague ideas which keep changing each time. Regards
  2. So, I offered £150 and they say that they will only accept £370 ish. I really need some advice to let me know if they are acting lawfully. you have not indicated to me where I stand with these guys. Can I keep refusing, is the debt lawful. Do I have a leg to stand on when refusing. I really need to know where I stand. Can you let me know or can you tell me where to look please. So far I am confused with what you have told me. I do appreciate you answering. Just to let you know they phoned again today and spoke with my wife they were being ni
  3. Ok, you say ignore? How do I get rid of them and how do I clear it off my file? I need a clear course of action to get it sorted once and for all.
  4. the discount was offered by 1st credit. last transaction I made was july 08 that was an online purchase which sent me overdrawn and started it all off it recurred in august and sept even though i was well od. The charges continued to be added by them until 31st jan 09. they then closed the account. hope this helps
  5. Further info for you. I have a copy of my experian credit report from Jan this year. The debt is registered to 1st credit it says date started 02/03/05 defaulted 20/01/09. Looking back I have a letter from Halifax dated 07/10/11 saying that the debt was sold to 1st credit in July 2011. All this is quite confusing to me, as none of the dates seem to tally. Any thoughts ?
  6. I thought SB status was arrived at after 6 years? As this was DEC 2007 then it prob is not. However any help in what I do to fend them off would be useful. Thanks
  7. Hi, I had a joint current account with my wife. We had it as a separate account from our main one with another bank. we did not have much in it and rarely used it. I used the card from it from time to time to make online purchases. Unfortunately I forgot how much was in and it went od. I found this out a few weeks later after i got a letter informing me of the situation. I phoned them up to see how I could have got and OD as I never signed up or asked for one at the time. In the meantime they kept applying charges. This was in dec 2007 and they did send letters from time to time an
  8. Yes he left an a4 sheet with the comany name on in red. it has his name and mobile number and the company number and a box ticked saying he would call back another night. Should I pay the council for the ticket at the higher rate. what do I do here can anyone help me. I dont dispute the ticket just all the charges.
  9. Found out last night that the bailiff is not on the certificated register after visiting the courts website. Something that was posted on here got me to that so well done. Any advice on what to do about this bit. Kind Regards
  10. I spoke to the bailiff on his mobile today. I explained that I agreed that there was a ticket to pay for but I was not going to pay anything until I had recieved in writing a breakdown of the costs as it was now at 363 pounds. He said I can tell you them now its 11.75 for a letter 68 pounds for something else and 175 for a visit he has not yet made but it was automatically added to the account anyway. I again said that I would need to see these in writing, He said this would not stop the process and that he still had the right to enter my house to collect goods or seize the car. That he could
  11. This is the first time they have called. Its to collect an unpaid parking fine from my local council. Its now a total of £363. Apparently I have to pay all or they collect my goods. What rights do I have. Are the charges fair. Can I arrange a patment plan. Can I request a breakdown of the charges and challenge them. If you could help I would appreciate it.
  12. Which is now being dealt with by Marston debt collectors. Stupidly I let it roll on and now they say I owe 363.16. The baliff called today while I was out. When I called the number they said I can only pay the full amount. Can anyone help please. I would appreciate it. Thank You
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