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  1. We asked if they could combine the accounts into 1 but they refused. Also Im not trying to erase the debt but dont like the idea that we have no proof that the monies is owed to them.
  2. The last payment and contact to Natwest was about 2002 and Capquest got in touch about 2007. Sorry the information is vague. So it isnt worth doing the CCA then..
  3. What if Capquest cant produce the CCA? for the loan and card.
  4. Wow thanks for the quick response. It was a Loan and card and overdraft.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to help my partner and would like some advice as this forum has helped me massively with a previous problem. My partner got in to debt quite sometime ago with Natwest Bank and fell behind on payments. Having moved a few times and not in the position to pay, contact was lost. About 3 years ago Capquest approached her and threated court action if she didn't make an payment, so she has been paying monthly ever since. My question is she didn't ask for a CCA from Capquest, so is it to late to get one from them, and what happens if they cant provide it? Thank
  6. Ok I will send another Stat Barred letter today. Thanks Again for the advise
  7. Do you mean send it recorded delivery? So far Ive done everything by the book (or this forum:-)) But they just seem to have ignored everything and proceeded with there process.
  8. Update: I sent the statue barred letter to Link with no reply. Today I have received a letter from InstantSilver stating they have bought the debt from link? As you might see from above Link have not shown the CCA on request or acknowledged the statue barred letter I sent. How do I respond to InstantSilver?
  9. Great thanks for the help.# Could this also be a ploy by Link? What I mean is if they owned the debt like that claim to shouldn't they have been able to produce the CCA with the 14 days but then to send me a letter 4 months later claiming to have attached the CCA documents? but only issuing a covering letter?
  10. Correct I haven't acknowledged any debt. I guess I wait for them to come back to me then as they have failed to comply with the CCA request??
  11. Erm ok, well im not sure I dont think I've had any correspondance regarding this debt since 2002, till Aug 2009 which was the first contact with link regarding this debt? Also were do I stand in that they have not produced the CCA in the alotted 14 days??
  12. Well Link say they purchased the debt back in Nov 2003 and I havent had any contact with them about this debt until Aug 2009. So as the debt was with Barclays and Ive not had contact with them for over 6 years does that mean it's statue barred?
  13. Hi guys back again hoping for some help and guidance. Well last time I posted i had not recieved any communication from Link after requesting the CCA, Ironically I received Link 21-09-2009.pdf a few days after I posted. So they went over the 14 days to respond and provide the CCA, so I'm unsure where I stand in that regard. Then a last week I received Link 12-01-2010.pdf with no attachments enclosed just that covering letter. So I need help on how to proceed, I'm still pretty certain that this debt is statue barred and what does it mean thats its taken them 4 months to attempt
  14. Ok a big thank you to all that have replied with advise. I guess I just have to sit and wait for Link to contact me if they ever do.
  15. Thanks for the quick response, I do believe that it is my debt but I also believe that that it is statute Barred as I am sure it's been over 6 years since I was last in contact with the Credit Card company. I did try to resolve this debt when I was having problems but I had to move afew times and lost details and contact with them.
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