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  1. thanks i will keep at them had HSBC advisors ring me today saying that the debt was passed to metro due to them not receiving a phone call from me to discuss the payment terms i proposed .......i explained that i had had no correspondance since replying with the "expediture" form and had in fact made two payments as i had promised up until the vile call from metro....and i told them that i do not want any further phone calls from them and will only reply to metro via letters they reluctantly agreed with me and did state that metro are a little over zelous...i would say bullys personally i explained that if i was of a nervous nature or elderly i would of been very upset ...i really am disgusted to be treated this way over £600.......they have refused to re claim the debt and insist that i deal with metro....the HSBC advisor was pleasant however was not really able to assist further...i now have had to leave myself short of money so to get these people of my back......not a comfy situation to be in they acted like a pub money lender not a high street bank...:mad:
  2. hi i have just received a very in your face call from metro demanding £600 re an overdraft from hsbc i had written to hsbc and asked to pay £50 per month until the balance was paid and received no reply ..so was a little shocked at receiving a phone call no letter telling me to pay immediatly...is this ethical ? very shocked
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