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  1. the reference number on this paperwork seems to relate to the agreement in 2015. What happens if it is not renewed? or how do I find out if it has etc....They did mention that the client had only just agreed with the order but it was in place from 2015 and I was told that it was all agreed then. You know I pride myself as being relatively bright but I am so glad you are all here as it is a different world that I seem to get more confused as the days go by
  2. Many thanks. They stated that all enforcement fees that had been added on this episode have been taken off but I possible need to get that in writing. Is what you are saying that the enforcement order that I had in December 2015 that I referred to today (i.e £60 pm due the 30th or before) with them is only valid until Dec 2016 then that needs to be re-done and renegotiated or does that original agreement keep rolling until the debt is paid in a couple if years
  3. Ok. Bit of an update...... They have came and moved the clamp, was a very stressful afternoon. I had found the paperwork and of course as stated it said that payment was not due until the 30th of the month. Even after that Court Enforcement services stated that Elliot Davies had advised them to continue with getting the car. I told them that they are Elliot Davies... but the girls in the office seem to ignore that point. I had of course sent paperwork and had bank statements to prove that I had paid etc. What it seems is that CES have very poor paperwork from Elliot Dav
  4. Bit of an update, They say they are coming for the car today..... As payments have been erratic.... I paid the following dates 4/5 1/6 5/7 11//8 19/9 All for £60 He is due at 3.15
  5. Apologies for the lack of update. I will answer the questions when back a little later but I have found the original paperwork from the enforcement visit on 04/12/2015. In the notes she has put. " £60/month to start 30/1/15 (def will pay each month by this date due to pay dates)" I had the 26th in my head to make sure I made the payment before the 30th and also that is when I get paid so by that letter my payment is not due until the 30/10/2016 I spoke to their office and Simon the Enforcement officer and it seems they have no paperwork as I assume they hav
  6. Yes, I am going to get the original paperwork out tomorrow to check what it says. When I called last month to pay she mentioned setting the payments to a specific date as I had been paying different days (I assumed always early but would vary by a day or so each month) but I never had anything off them so was just going to call tomorrow and pay the £60 as normal. I have never paid the beginning of the month always the middle onwards. If I am late as they changed it to the 3rd (with no written notice) at worst from his visit I was late by 12 days as I was completely up to date.
  7. I Wonder if anyone can help. I have a debt that although I still dispute was incorrect they were able to get a CCJ. The dept was for approx £2000. After a visit last year from a high court officer I set up a payment plan of £60 a month which I have been paying for the last 9 months or so. I have been paying the middle of the month as I understood the payment was due the 26th of each month. We went to visit a friend for 8 days in Barcelona got a call from the person looking after our pet that our car was clamped on the drive by a person who I assume acts from Elliot
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