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  1. Hi Also something very interesting came up while I had my long phone call with Vodafone. They insisted that the account was a business one, which I assured them it was not. The account had been for my son while he was away at University, I had oaid forit to make sure he phoned his mother!!! It jusyt happened that my son used to get a number of calls on his phone for smeone else and sometimes left messages which led him to beleive that they were after someone in a company. Is it possible that they had rented the number out twice and possibly have led to Vodafone not realising I had cancelled? Tim
  2. Hiya Thanks for moving the thread Martin, just felt that I wanted to post in the previous thread as Lee (from Vodafone) intimated that it was unusual not to receive a reply from customers services at Vodafone where my experience is that it is very common. Also the other person had written to the Customer Services Director and again in my experience this will do very little. Hi Dipply no problem at all. Yes it was DLC and like you sent them packing, hopefully have it sorted with Vodafone now though you do not know what damage they may have done to my credit reference in the meantime. I have served them with a notice under Section 10 Data Pretection Act, which seemed to fit lol. Kind regards TD
  3. By 'subbing' do you mean that I have put this post in the wrong place?
  4. Hi All This is my first post on this site and my problems with Vodafone were the reasons I joined. I have had very similar problems to Seellyfirst2, in that on 27.3.09 I mailed and cancelled my phone contract with Vodafone. I subsequently received incorrect billing. I wrote and disputed the bill and received a reply to that letter, though there was not reference to the cancelation mail I had sent. I wrote numerous more times disputing the bill and after receiving a warning that legal action might be taken, I wrote to Customer Services Director Jane Hext and did not receive a reply, I had enclosed a cheque for the sum I felt I owed and this was cashed so I knew that the letter had been received. After receiving a letter from the debt collectors, I telephoned them and Vodafone and after a number of calls which lasted in excess of 2 hours Vodafone finally agreed that I did not owe them anything. Saying that still received a phone call from a rather rude man at the debt collectors who also had to admit that I did not owe anything, so hopefully for me this has been resolved. Lee, your Customer Services is not very good!!! Also just a side note purchased a Vodafone Broadband dongle online for laptop, after a few days the order was cancelled no reason given. Perhaps my credit rating has been affected. Also Seellyfirst 2, it might be worth looking at compensation under Data Protection Act. Kind regards All
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