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  1. It's 'hassle and grief' though, as you say, you work for Cattles so we can't expect the highest educational standards.
  2. I don't think anyone referred to it as a 'right'. However, in most cases, it is in the interests of debtor and creditor for interest to be frozen or significantly reduced. If interest is so high relative to the payment then the debtor will soon lose heart in paying off the debt. So no-one gains in the long-term with an attitude of 'we owe you nothing.' Yes, they would. My experience of most people on this forum is that most want to pay the debt but Welcome's business practices are so vague, unfair and punitive in terms of charges, insurances, interests, fees, etc.
  3. I'm 'complaining' because I've paid nearly double what I borrowed, I dispute the balance, they can't produce an agreement and are being vague as to the PPI amounts. In those circumstances, they do not appear to have much leverage but are acting as though they do. I'm sorry for your own situation.
  4. Have you reclaimed the PPI? If not, why not? I would write to them (do not phone) and state that you see no point making monthly payments if they do not freeze interest. They can take you to court, if they wish, but you have no incentive to make payments if they continue to charge interest. A court would freeze interest anyway. If you didn't have a written agreement that they would freeze interest for the lifetime of the loan then he's, technically, correct. However, you can knock the ball back to them by making any future payments conditional upon them freezing interest.
  5. Thanks, Major. I'll give it a try and report back.
  6. Fair enough, Ozzy. I'd just reply by saying that I've already done the SAR to Welcome. The rewrite balance started at higher than the original loan repayable balance and there is no mention of any PPI rebate. Nor is there is any of the statements. Nor is there any rewrite agreement detailing the precise amount of PPI rebate.
  7. Ozzy, thanks very much for this. I'm going to send this today. I wonder if you could advise me on something, though? I currently have a PPI claim with Welcome on this account. They've came to a figure of £XXX but are offering only half of this as a refund claiming a rebate was already applied to the account - although they do not have an agreement to support this. Is it possible for me to simultaneously claim PPI refund and place account in dispute? Or should I abandon the claim and simply dispute the account? I just wonder if I'm leaving myself open with the PPI claim.
  8. This is exactly what happens. After Compliance originally wrote to say they couldn't find my agreement, my account manager at the branch phoned to say he had a copy and he would send it out. Needless to say he was lying. Welcome employees, in my experience, will say anything to get you off the phone/shut you up/get a payment. I genuinely hope Voda had everything on paper. Welcome have a history of rewrites - as we all know - and having reduced payments in the past, Welcome simply created a new account with the reduced payment barely covering the interest. This is despite me being in
  9. Haven't placed the account officially in dispute. I just tell the guy that phones every month that I'm still waiting on Compliance sorting out the agreement. I did make an offer in writing 3 or 4 months ago of around 30% of the alleged balance. They didn't respond in writing but the guy on the phone said they would be looking for 65/75%. So that's kind of where we are at present. I need to start playing hardball.
  10. Good luck to you if they have done this but I'd be sceptical of it lasting for the lifetime of the loan. And then where will your reduced payment get you once they re-apply interest and charges every month? If you can get the balance down quickly whilst it's sans interest then fair enough but I've had 8 years of dealings with Welcome and if they told me it was Wednesday, I'd buy a newspaper to make sure. I hope you got everything in writing.
  11. I can't get Welcome to move from 35% off and that's despite them having no agreement and admitting they have no agreement. Borrowed £2,000 - repaid £3,900. Welcome still insist I owe an additional £1,100. They will take 35% off as a 'short settlement' but that's it. Any advice?
  12. Are you absolutely certain that they have frozen the interest and charges? Welcome wouldn't be Welcome without some [problem] or other. If they have frozen the interest and charges, have they agreed to do so for the lifetime of the loan?
  13. 1st Credit also refer to CitiFinancial as their 'client' in their correspondence to me even though I have written confirmation from both CitiFinancial and 1st Credit that the debt was sold to 1st. So I'm not sure I would base too much on whatever gibberish 1st put in their letters. My view is to contact Citi directly - when I did so they told me they'd sold the debt to 1st Credit and agreed to put it in writing. I can't really answer whether CitiFinancial have a working relationship with 1st Credit in respect of old accounts. I do think you have legitimate grounds for withholding payme
  14. I also have an old Citi account with 1st Credit. If I was you, the first thing I would do is try and establish whether 1st have purchased the debt or are collecting the debt on behalf of CitiFinancial. In my case, it is the former. It's an important distinction. My reading of the situation, though, is that Citi are no longer passing new clients onto 1st Credit but that doesn't mean old accounts will be taken off them, too. 1st should have responded to your CCA request and I would still send the dispute letter off to them on that basis. Re payments, I would phone Citi and as
  15. Just to update on this. Equifax instructed CitiFinancial to remove their default although they said 1st Credit's default was valid - a legal argument about 1st inheriting Citi's liabilities and responsiblities when they took over the debt including the requirement to register a default. A small victory perhaps. I've just received some documentation from Citi, including a statement of account. My earlier confusion about the account balance is down to Citi applying £1,600 in charges to the account - around £400 in £10 monthly fees over the last 3 years or so and £1,200 in charges for de
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