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  1. I emailed my MP, and told him how disgusted I was with this. This will mean many people will no longer be able to afford to live or pay their mortgage. This policy will increase costs as more people will need social housing. Its an absolute disgrace when they hand out billions of pounds of tax payers money to bail out banks. Please join the campaign.
  2. Hi, I think the interviewer was saying that because you are a teacher you would be CRB checked (criminal record bureaux) and a criminal record could or prevent you from getting such a job. Thats all she was talking about. Im glad you feel better.
  3. Hi, yes you should appeal. See if you can find a group / charity which helps with filling in the forms and appeals. Or contact Diac who should be able to help you with this. Good luck
  4. Have you contacted your MP? My family have resorted to this when dealing with DWP. A member of the family was refused DLA, even though they were bed bound and doubly incontinent and suffering seizures. Our local MP got involved and things went very smoothly from there. Good luck
  5. Yes I will be sending everything by special delivery and photocopying everything before it goes off! My sis has had so much stuff "lost" by DWP its unreal. Thanks again for your advice and support is meant a lot and I will post again when I have any news. Cheers
  6. Hi, thanks for responses. ESA Claims Processing Dept has rung. I have to send off relevant paperwork now so they can assess how much money I owe them. They have suspended the ESA payments now. They have been very understanding when I explained the situation. Im hoping that it will go as one of you said, that they will write to me to confirm how much I owe. Thanks again. I feel happier now. The anticipation was worse than the actual event.
  7. Thanks, Im still waiting for their call. Im glad I have rung them. I just want this sorted.
  8. Hi thanks for the advice. I have just spoken to one of the operators and Im waiting for a department called processing to ring me back. Having done a quick calculation I think I owe around £1520. The guy was nice and said "don't worry we will sort this out" but Im waiting to see how I get treated by processing. Im so sick with worry. I can't believe what a mess I have got myself into. I will update you with how it goes. Thanks again
  9. You seem to have misunderstood my post. I am in receipt of my pension, since April. Thats how the overpayment occurred. By the end of August I will be in receipt of my out of court settlement for the discrimination case. Thats when I can pay all the money back. Im in a position where I could pay some back now, but not all. Is your advice still the same? Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
  10. Thank you for your help. Im in such a state of panic. Ive never dealt with the benefit system before and Im terrified I will be arrested and carted off to prison. I know from the press they are cracking down on benefit fraud, are you sure it will be ok?
  11. Hi I need some advice. Unfortunately due to an error on my behalf I have been overpaid ESA benefit, the amount is just under £2,000. To fill you in Im chronically sick and disabled. No one knows exactly what is wrong with me, but Im housebound and use a wheel chair. Part of my problems mean I have short term memory issues also. In December 2008 I was awarded ESA in the support group as I can not work. I recieve full DLA on both componants. I claimed over the telephone and when I got the declaration statement back it was incorrect. It said that I did not recieve a pension. I ra
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