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  1. Online complaint done. Auto-acknowledged by them. Doing SAR now. Thanks for comments, I will update once we hear back from them.
  2. Andy, correct. I only found that out later.
  3. dx, correct! I know it was tight leaving it to day 118, but that's the wife not wanting to talk to strangers on the phone
  4. Hi Bankfodder, Yes, correct. Purchase went through as one payment, one order number with tickets x 4 in order, subtotal and payment amount all in one order. I had been nagging my wife for months to sort it out, eventually she raised a dispute through their secure msg system. please verify my dates are correct: Date of match: 4th Feb 2020 Date chargeback request done through secure message on capital one: 1st June 2020 This equals 118 days? 2nd June advised to complete form and email back - Day 119. Form completed and sent back with
  5. My wife is attempting to do a chargeback on a purchase that was fraudulent. She bought cricket tickets for her Dad, who lives in South Africa for his birthday. Date of transaction was 17th June 2019. Date of cricket match was 4th of February. After chasing the company for many months, the e-tickets were emailed to us, which we forwarded on to her Dad. He printed the tickets and arrived at the cricket match to be told the tickets were fake. All of a sudden numerous reviews started popping up on the internet from other people saying they had been given f
  6. Ah, I just checked my original MCOL claim form which states County Court Business Centre, so this would be a part 7 money only order, and would be issued to defendant's court. So therefore: Top of the form I would write: "In the (my local CC) and send it to defendant's court. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi all, I am in the process of completing form N349 against a Ltd company with the 3rd party being HSBC UK. Need some help in actually completing the form. I have downloaded and completed all except: At the top is shows "In the...................." what do I complete there? Name of court near Defendant? Where do I send it? Do I look up the court that deals with third party orders in the defendant's area and send it there? I want to pay the fees by card. Do I just add a note to the document requesting them to contact me for payment?
  8. Just a small update on this saga with Blue Motor Finance. They looked into my complaint, wrote to me saying their figures were correct, but as a “gesture of goodwill” were refunding me £56. Yeah right.... Direct Debit was altered to reflect the £110 to be paid each month, £56 refunded into my bank account. Result I thought...not. Yesterday received a text message and phone call from their collections team, telling me I was behind on my payments and that I owed them £56. Took the wind out of the woman’s sails when I told her the whole story, was put on
  9. Need some advice, and a fresh set of eyes as I feel like I'm getting nowhere with Blue Motor Finance. I have a car financed through Blue Motor, in April I offered them a lump sump of money to bring down my monthly payments to them: According the the partial settlement letter they sent me on the 12th of April 2019: They advised me that the next payment due on the 15th of April would be the normal amount of £167.66 and then the month thereafter it would be £110.29 So I paid the £2000 into their bank account they had given me, and then on the 14t
  10. Thanks dx. a little update on this. Court awarded me a CCJ against this company, and I've been chasing them for a year now. Registered address changed to a lawyers office in London. I contacted this law office numerous times, and eventually one of the directors emailed me back and confirmed Payza was indeed their client and that they were not aware of any CCJ. I sent him all the court papers as well as a copy from Trust Online about a month ago. So far the lawyers have ignored me further. Now I'm looking at a way to perhaps do a
  11. Great, I was going to suggest getting as much evidence together as possible, and the website siding with you would be a positive. Would be interesting if they would be able to confirm if the user logged in from usual computer and IP location as normal if a regular trader.
  12. I've sold bitcoin before on localbitcoins. Have you reached out to them as well?
  13. Oh no I totally agree with you. I just find this whole Doyle case so dangerous.
  14. StepChange have already altered their advice to say it is 6 years after default notice. https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/can-i-write-off-debt/statute-barred-debt.aspx
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