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  1. Hi All Has anyone successfully SAR'd Opus and if so, what address did they send the SAR to? Many Thanks
  2. Thanks for the explanation BRW. I've been a member for over 6 months, albeit a very quiet one and any activity now is purely coincidental! As an aside, I dont subscribe to the notion of paying someone to sort out my problems for me, I'd rather do that myself with the help of this website and the valuable advice that is posted by people far more knowlegdeable than me. Anyway, rant over. The discussion point was around the validity of selling 'liability' of a debt, i.e. the crux of Rankine;s CCK business model, once an agreement is terminated. It would be great to see some debate on this without it descending into a slagathon between both 'sides'.
  3. Well I can assure the mod's I have no connection with the Rankines or their website whatsoever. I do however have an genuine interest in the argument that was raised which I think warrants further debate, despite what people may think of the Rankines. Still slightly annoyed that it was nipped in the bud....
  4. From here about 1 hr ago. Quote: "Hi neilm2304, The post that you created in the following thread has been un-approved ----- Post ID: #195 "...Now the ramifications of this reasoning are abundan... Thread: Credit Card Killer is this a [problem]? ----- This is an automated message, please do not reply. Regards, The Forum Management" It appears some posts (including mine) have been removed which is why it disappered from the top of my thread list (sorry!). Perhaps the mods can explain why?
  5. It was turning into a (highly interesting) debate on whether or not the 'Credit Card Killer' website (set up by the Rankines?) is a [problem] or not. There were some interesting arguments on both sides. Excuse me if this is not entirely accurate since I am trying to recall from memory, but the point had just been raised (by 'Shortlife') that a credit card agreement is no longer bound by contract law once it has been terminated i.e. by a Default Notice since there is no longer an agreement. It would have been interesting to see this point batted about....
  6. Is this a public forum or not? Why was I cagbotted for stating an interest..?
  7. Hello All Firstly, thanks to all Caggers on this excellent site who have provided such valuable advice. I have used this advice over the past few months, albeit as a 'silent' member, however I do feel somewhat guilty that I haven't posted any of my experiences so that they may help fellow caggers. My current situation, highly summarised, is as follows: 1) Several Credit card agreements held for >10 years 2) Exhorbitant interest rates (>30%) 3) Invalid CCAs received etc. 4) Account in dispute letters sent 5) Payments suspended 6) Started to receive many, many phone calls from Credit card companies involved, all of which ignored (due to excellent TrueCall device which I cannot rate highly enough) I will elaborate on these when I get the time however I think it;s worth highlighting an experience I have had recently concerning telephones calls at work. I have only been in my current job for around a year and during that time I haven't told *ANYONE* my work phone number, not even the OH (all communication being by mobile phone), and especially not any credit card companies. Imagine my surprise then when I begin to receive phone calls *AT WORK* from two of the credit card companies involved. I have racked my brains as to how this could have occurred - I have no membership of social networking web sites with my details on for instance. And then it occurred to me... I have logged on to two of my credit card accounts with which I am in dispute, using a works computer. I can therefore only assume that the credit companies have 'IP Logged' these sessions and the found out who owns the IP addresses and then rang my company asking to be connected to me, which our receptionists have duly done. You have to admire their ingenuity. Fortunately for me, I am able to turn the volume down on my work phone and can tell the difference between internal and external phone calls. DCA calls get quickly forwarded to voicemail!!! The moral of the story then is this. If you don't want to be harrassed with telephone calls at work, *DON'T LOG IN TO CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS FROM WORK!!!* Hope this advice is useful.
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