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  1. thanks 4 ur ideas, just abit frustarted were they took 6 months 2 come out and fix window were they wernt fitted properly and the cold was comin. It isnt a small landlord we r goin through, it is homelet uk, has any1 had prob with them.......we r on a buy-to-let, but they havent got back 2 us about purchasing the property after enquiring about it abour 3 months whago. When i agreed to rent the property, i was told that they pay 10% of deposit, plus 3 months rent when you buy from them. I have spent over £1000 doing property up on tis basis and cant getb a resonse.
  2. My boiler broke on the 20th December, maintenance guy came round on the 23rd to fix it but said he needed to order a part and that he would call me back the same day but he didnt... My partner called him the next day to check on what was going on the conversation basically saig "ross street, oh yeah, sh*t" , then he hung up and kept rejecting the call. I contact the company who i rent the property off and they advised me that the company who supplies parts was closed until 29/12 so i would have to wait......contacte them agen on the 29th to be told that themaintenance dept was closed
  3. kk, thanks.......ive only just heard about wots gone on 2day . Love seeing them get what they deserve haha !!! They came to my house 2day but I was out, do u think i should bother phoning them ?
  4. What would you suggest doing, surely, if they have sent me 'everything' on their systems for that accout, they mustn't have a cca for me. I didnt sign anything like the first 1, only put my intials on the bottom of the page which doesnt count as a signature !
  5. yes its marked as settled and no other mention of welcome finance is on there.
  6. No, I asked for a copy of my agreement for over 12 months after re-signing and never got one. In the end he said that he would send eveything I had, all I got was what is on here, along with a copy of my driving lisence and a copy of my credit report where they had searched me in the past ! I never signed a copy of a second credit agreement, just initialled the bottom of a few pages which is on my attachments under agreement 2.
  7. Hi, Did any get a chance to look at the application form, proper stressin out... Y do welcome think they can do what they want aswell....I keep gettin calls at my parents for me, even tho they know i aint lived there since last year and they keep calling me in work even tho I have told them a million times to stop cause its harassment and that the phone calls are recorded !!!
  8. Finally figured it out, here is the application form. Sorry it has taken so long ! welcome app 2.pdf
  9. postggi can u pm ur email and ill send it to you, still having problems uploading files to website.
  10. Hi every1 im trying to send this modi agreement but it isnt letting me, do you think it is worth getting trading standards to look at it What will happen to me about getting rid of the car, im a little worried now about this and dont want to go to jail Please Help !!!!!!
  11. its says at the top 'Credit Agreement Regulated By The Credit Consumer Act 1974' On the bottom of the contract on the last page it says: Hire Purchase Agreement On Trade Premises Regulated by The Credit Concumer Act 1974 I'll send you a copy of the application form 2moz, aint got a scanner here. Will do it first thing in the morning
  12. the only think that states a modification of original agreement is abrieviated on application form (i have a copy if you want to see it)......on the app form aswell, it hasnt been dated and signed until a week after I resigned which is odd aswell ...... What would you suggest doing about this then ? I got advise from a legal advisor who sed that i could sell the car and that they couldnt do anything about it, so I got rid to stop them trying to reposess...He sed to me he has had a few like mine where no outstanding finance was showing on vehicles and welcome could do nothing about it. Im
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