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  1. To be honest I do not want home care. I have two nervous rescue dogs it would be a nightmare. A neighbour walks them. I can potter from room to room to do what I need to, albeit slowly. I just cannot walk any distance. I am quite happy with the system I have in place. My issue is purely worrying about my pension.
  2. I am wondering about the Press as well as it is not just me being at risk. This must have happened to other elderly people in my situation.
  3. Yes I live on my own. No no social services would not want them involved thanks! I am thinking of making a complaint by getting my MP involved. I usually have a good system in place and GP who will visit at the drop of hat. But this has totally flawed me through no fault of my own.
  4. No I do not finished treatment at Xmas. So hopefully no need for a nurse at the moment. A review in March. Mainly immobile due to serious crumbling spine and associated nerve damage.
  5. My daughters account as my is hideously overdrawn. Natwest have closed it. Its her spare account she does not use. Pension has been paid into for a while now so all official with DWP. Post Office account is useless as I am totally immobile and need card/account to have food delivered.
  6. The problem my nearest DWP Pension Centre is apparently Cardiff I am in Berks so not feasible. They have in fact made two errors one not paying my monies into my established (daughters account) on Mon and then made the error of issuing a crossed check. Plus they are taking no account of my disability under The Disability Discriminations Act. I have cancer so it falls under the Act. Yes I have a letter from my PCT to prove this. Why do they push you to have monies made into a bank account when if they make an error they have no mechanism of quickly remedy it?They are leaving vuln
  7. I also have to write a formal complaint to get all my bank charges repaid for my failed direct debits. No I am immobile I cannot get anywhere without an ambulance.
  8. They have said they will replace it and will send a first class envelope for me to return the old one. Why the hell they cannot cancel I do not know. Sorry but this all their errors, they admit that yet all they do is cause major inconvenience and leave people without any access to money.
  9. I do NOT have a bank account to pay it into! I do not have a bank account in my name!My pension is paid in my daughters account. Their crossed cheque is as useful as a chocolate teapot!
  10. Later in the week. I could not even get hold of the Social Fund today. What gets me is the Job Centre issues a crisis loan straight into the bank as they did on Friday. However if your pension is not paid the Job Centre can issue a Counter Credit but you have to get someone to go into the job centre to collect the cash but not a payment into your bank account! Where is the logic in that. As I am disabled I need the money in my daughters account to pay for food deliveries. Clearly the Disability Discrimination Act does not apply to DWP?
  11. I do not have a bank account. Its my daughthers account I use to have my benefit paid into. Plus even I did it would be 3 to 5 days to clear. I have absolutely NO money so a crossed cheque is useless.
  12. They also refuse to let anyone higher than a Supervisor deal with this problem even though its their mistakes.
  13. I still have NO money. A friend went to cash the giro that I received today and could not as its Crossed. They want that cheque back before they will issue a new one uncrossed one. Apparently the Job Centre could issue me a cash over the counter payment but I need to someone to drive 5 miles to get that and queue. No neither they or the Job Centre can make an instant payment/transfer into my account.
  14. End result Crisis Loan of £17.63 will be in my account within 2 hours! They found me on the computer and filled out my form. That was relatively easy I wonder if they share computers and there where notes about this on my file? Extremely annoying that I have spent since 8am on the phone due to Pension Service being unable to do emergency payment when it was their error.
  15. Their error they have admitted it. God knows what happened. They are processing it a week out now.
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