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  1. Hi Well the request for a DEADLOCK letter seems to have done the trick:D. Orange sent me a letter today saying that they would refund me the amount from the expiry of the original PAC code until the expiry of the last one. This is exactly the result I wanted;). Thank you CAG and especially locutus, for all the help and advice you gave me, I would not have known what to do otherwise. I have cancelled everything with them now and I have managed to persuade 3 people to change networks away from Orange. I will never go back with them ever again. The cancelling of the landline and broadband has been another headache that is hopefully, coming to an end next week:mad:. Just for information I have changed broadband and mobile to O2 and the service I have received from them is spot on. I am more than happy with the service they provide, particularly with their customer service. Anyway thanks again... another satisfied customer
  2. Many thanks for your quick reply, I know this only amounts to about £35-£70 but it is the principle that has got me angry. Anyhow my credit rating is very important I havent got a bad mark on it at the moment so I have been able to set up a new DD for the l/line and BB, so that should be ok it does not come out until around the 15th, the DD for the mobile comes out around the 8th, so I am going to phone the bank tommorow and ask if they could reinstate that one. If this cant be done I will have to pay by debit card and then I will write and ask for a DEADLOCK letter and start arbitration. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again Michael
  3. Hi I am hoping for some advice as this has really been stressing me. Firstly would like to say how excellent I think this site is, I have gained so much knowledge just by reading the posts and advice, thanks everyone. Been with Orange for 18 month on 18 month contract. Phoned to cancel my contract on 22/06/09, lady said she would send me PAC code, PAC code received around 24/06/09. Wondering what to do or which network to go I thought oh I know I just stay with Orange but on PAYG until I decide who to go with, so phoned Orange on 18/07/09 to enquire if this was possible. Guy came on phone and I asked him if this was possible, he said it had all been arranged and this would attract a new 30 day notice period, so I told him no, I would go to another network, he then said it was now too late. I explained he should have told me that before he deleted the PAC number he just kept saying it was too late. So I said my enquiry had cost me £35 (a new 30 day notice period) to which his reply was yes. He put me through to his manager which IMO was worst then the first, he threatened to bar my iphone if I continued to use it on the Orange network, after he tried to sell me another product and said I could use it but he wasnt supposed to say that. So after 50 mins on the phone I got him to confirm that a new PAC code would be sent as I did not wish to stay with orange at all any longer, he confirmed this. I would like to add that I volunteer for a emotional support helpline, and this is the worst phone call I have been involved in, in 31 years. I wish I was exagerating. I sent letter of complaint by recorded delivery on 21/07/09. Phoned 25/07/09 to see where the PAC code was, was told a PAC code hadnt been issued, a PAYG sim was being ordered. I told them what had happened the week before, he said he could order me a new PAC but it would be another 30 days notice period. I told him this was unacceptable and NOT TO DO ANYTHING. A lady phoned me from Orange Correspondence dept to discuss my complaint, she didnt offer me an apology, she just kept repeating the 30 day notice from a new PAC code and said she would only credit me with one week "since I had used the phone." I was trying not to use the phone, but some of my family members wont answer the phone unless they know who is calling, so I had to use it. I told her I was not happy and asked her to put all that in writing as final response to my complaint so I could complain to the ombudsman, she agreed. She recommended I wait to get the PAYG sim card and then request a PAC, I said this was unacceptable and demanding a new PAC via text message, she said ok and sent me it within the hour. I was that angry I went on my bank website and cancelled my Orange mobile phone direct debit, and Orange broadband and landline direct debit ( I also requested these be cancelled on the 18/07/09 seperately). Maybe I shouldnt have done this but I was really really angry. So do you think it is fair that I was charged a new 30 day notice period just for an enquiry? Do you think because I used my phone I dont have a case? (about 3 hours of calls ) I knew not to use the phone but people calling me and like I say I had to call people using that number I just couldnt help it. And do you think they will charge me a new 30 day notice period since she issued me with a new PAC on 30/07/09 because I didnt want and didnt ask for a PAYG sim? What do you think I should do about the cancelled Direct Debit? Sorry for the long post but I felt it necessary so you knew everything, and thank you in advance any advice is greatly appreciated and I feel better just getting it all out Michael
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