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  1. Hello , can anyone help , i would like to send a SAR to the Halifax with regards to mortgage MPPI , its been a while since i did this , and i dont know if there are different templates for cards ? mortgages etc many thanks rs
  2. As to date , there has been no further correspondence from this company and so hopefully it is the end of the matter Thank you to all who helped me during this difficult time thanks again rs
  3. They won`t speak to me and have denied my fathers verbal consent for me to speak to them ... What more can i do ?
  4. My father has no recollection of this debt so it must have been in my mothers name , it is the reason why i requested a CCA , however they don,t have the original contract she never left a will rs
  5. Hi , the Provident debt is a completely different debt and not related in any way , i sent both Provident and Debt ( Managers ) Ltd requests for the original credit agreement , Provident replied saying debt was now finished and no further pursuit would be made . Debt (Managers) Ltd replied saying " Unfortunately this request cannot be be granted as there is no agreement available " and continue to pursue the debt regards rs
  6. Further update on this Debt Managers ltd - Moorcroft Debt Recovery The above have instructed CSL ( Credit Security Ltd ) to collect the outstanding debt They have given my father 10 days to answer this debt and have threatened a doorstep visit by a collector if they do not hear from him . Will update when this happens Regards rs
  7. Russel & Aitken client is Moorcroft Debt Recovery The strange thing is that the ref no on the Debt Managers (services) ltd letter is the same as the Russel &Aitken letter ?
  8. Further update on this subject . ... My father received a letter from Provident stating that they had made a business decision and cancelled all debt ... Great news and gratefully received . Debt managers (managers ) ltd continue to send nasty letters to my father along with Moorcroft debt recovery through their solicitors ( Russel & Aitken ) . Debt managers cannot furnish him with the credit agreement but continue to pursue this debt threatening Count court , adverse credit rating and potential costs . regards rs
  9. As mentioned earlier , my father has no recollection of dealing with DMS LT , it was all dealt with through my Mother who died .
  10. Received reply from Debt Managers ( Services ) Ltd We are in receipt of your request under The Consumer Credit Act 1974 . Unfortunately this request cannot be granted as there is no agreement available . please find enclosed your letter with £1 fee attached . To discus this matter and to help you further with your queries regarding this matter , please contact us on 00000 000000 and we will assist you . sincerely DMS LTD Can anyone help with the next step Many Thanks rs
  11. went to my dad`s today and telephoned Provident and Debt Managers Services and both to my dismay decided not to accept a verbal authority . They now require written authority for me to take this any further Do i apply for a Subject Access Request with written authority from my father or just request the original Credit Agreement with written authority My father has no recollection of signing anything re Provident / Debt Managers Services . With regards to the Debt Managers Services letter it says . ... Account due to .... Moorcroft Debt Recovery Any help would be grateful regards RS
  12. At this stage i don`t know however the letters are addressed ...Provident - my fathers and the other is addressed to them both
  13. Hi HB , i`m calling both companies tomorrow and my father will give his verbal consent to allow me to look after this on his behalf Can you advise as to questions to ask or will i just ask for a copy of the original credit agreement Many thanks RS
  14. Can debt companies ask / force pensioners to pay debt from pension / benefits ? Both companies have accepted verbal authority over the phone
  15. Think this is the route , I will phone them them first to introduce myself then ask my dad for a letter of Authority Will be back to let you know any response Many thanks provident and debt managers ( services ) ltd
  16. Hi , and thank you for your response The DCA is a Letter of Non-Payment Notification addressed to both my Mum and Dad The Loan is a letter solely addressed to my Dad My mum handled everything to do with money in the house which makes me think that my Dad wouldn't know a thing about this My sister told me that the both companies know about my Mum's death but apparently still pursuing debt I would need to send them a Subject Access Request but they wont as it's not my account thanks HB
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