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  1. I have just recieved a letter and first offer from the Halifax offering £2014.00 in full settlement of my claim of £4500.00 in bank charges. Could anyone tell me what I do from here as I have used all the bank Templates 1-6. do I contact them by phone declining this offer or do I go to the County Court? I would like some help and advise with this because if I dont contact them in the next 10 days they will automatically transfer this offer into my account as the full and final settlement.
  2. I have been in touch with my bank to ask for a statement of all the bank charges I have ben debited from my account over the last 3 years. I have recieved a leter back from the Halifax stating as follows:- " I refer to your enquiry about bank charges on your account. We can provide the information requested but to do so there is a £5 statement charge. Statements will then be provided for the last 3 years. Please provide the authority to debit your account or forward a £5 cheque. No action will be taken until we recieve this." If you require any further information please cont
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