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  1. Recieved a letter from Crapbot today.... We apologise for the previously incorrect information regarding bankruptcy on this account. We now acknowledge that your account is statute barred and so governed by the limitation act 1980. Under the OFT guindelines it is accepted that legally the debt still exists but that collections must in no way be contrary to section 40(1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970. Whilst we don't consider our actions to have breached any law or regulatory guideline, your account has been withdrawn from our regular collections process. Now tha
  2. Just received a reply from crapbot today which reads as follows. We confirm that this account is not statute barred due to previous information received regarding a bankruptcy order ref VA***** dated 10 November 2003. In order to investigate this matter further we require a sight of the bankruptcy papers. As i have never been made bankrupt, or have no idea what or where these so called papers are, how do i reply to these ****. Thanks in advance
  3. If only i had know about this forum last year. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Its not dated, but i think it must be around the time i set up a direct debit with them, so around July 2008.
  5. With CapQuest, i have found a statutory demand letter from a Johanna O'Keefe. Does this in anyway stop me from sending the CCA letter?
  6. If they cant produce the true signed copy, am i able to claim back the money i have already paied out to them through direct debits?
  7. Hi, Am after some advice. I am currently paying 2 companies (Capquest & B Carter) a set amount each month in relation to 2 credit cards. After reading some posts on here requesting a CCA from dca's, would it still be possible to request them even though i am already paying them each month? If so, would it be wise to cancel my direct debits with them until they can produce the true copy of the agreement. Thanks in advance. Mark
  8. Thanks Maroon, should i refer them to the letter i received? In answer to my question, i will be sending a copy of the letter. Thanks again Maroon
  9. How do i go about making a complaint and to who, as a newbie on here i have no idea where to go, or how to put in the complaint. Thanks guys, you have been great.
  10. Yeah i have just sent off the letter (recorded delivery) to Cabot, and have also emailed them the same letter, so they know what they are getting. Might even throw in an abacus or calculator so they can get the sums right. As for the CSA, am in the process of reporting them, slap on the wrist for Cabot i hope!!!
  11. Thanks Spamheed and Andy, I am sure i did learn basic maths at School.....i knew it would come in helpful on day. Have a great new year, and look forward to the reply.
  12. Happy new year to you all, Having some problems from Carbot, they are chasing a debt that i am saying is statute-barred as i have not heard anything from the creditor during the relevant limitation period of 6 years. Recieved a letter this morning that reads as follows. You've stated that your outstanding balance is statute-barred because the course of action in this matter began more than six years ago. The debt was last acknowledged by payment of £75 on the 2 October 2002. Therefore our right to recover the outstanding balance on this account is not statute-barred an
  13. Thank you for your help, have posted them the letter, and will look forward to the reply back. Keep up the good work.
  14. Hi first time posting, but long time using this site. I am after some advice in regards to a request for a cca from a company called Paladin commercial acting on bahalf of Compton and Woodhouse. The reply i recieved from them is below. As you will be aware, due to the nature of the serivce provided - namely mail order goods - there is no signed credit agreement. You acceptance of the agreed repayment schedule was concluded when you accepted the goods (the delivery note containing the relevant terms and conditions), made payment towards these and did not return the goods within the s
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