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  1. Hi all, just need a little bit more advice because I am panicking now! I received another letter from the bailiff today which says, and I quote: This execution has not been settled and I now write to give you fair warning that my Officers will attend your premises with REMOVAL CONTRACTORS on 30/09/09. The purpose of this visit is to seize and remove sufficient of your goods to satisfy this writ. It is imperative that you or your representative is available to meet them on the day in question. I suggest therefore that you telephone my office upon receipt of this letter to arrange
  2. Thanks so much wurzlyf. I am trying to stay positive and not jump every time someone knocks the door but it is difficult. Only two weeks to go so hopefully I won't be a complete nervouse wreck by the end of it!
  3. Thank you so much for your help! I feel a bit better now I know I can just refuse them entry. The link was very helpful.
  4. No they haven't gained entry to my property and no I haven't signed anything. I realise that the writ would stop once I have been declared bankrupt, I am just not sure what to do while I wait for the hearing?
  5. The debts are for suppliers from my failed business last year. They each have a High Court Writ.
  6. One of the bailiffs (from High Court Enforcement Group) came on the 27th July. The chap asked if I had a car or any other assets. I explained that I didn't have anything of value and that I was living on Incapacity Benefit and therefore unable to pay the amount owing (£8300 with costs). He asked me to send a letter to his company explaining this and he would recommend bankruptcy to his clients. I sent the letter and have heard nothing since. The second bailiff came yesterday while I was out, he left a letter and I called the company today (Marston Group). I explained all of the above and
  7. Thanks for your replies. I was selfemployed last year but had to stop working, mainly due to ill health but I had also had a significant drop in business due to the recession. The business made a loss which has left me with debts to the suppliers. On top of that my drop in income meant I could not afford to pay my own bills (credit cards, catalogue etc.). My illhealth is continuing to deteriorate and the chances of me returning to work in the forseeable future are slim. I am now living on Incapacity Benefit. The stress of constant phone calls and letters is really getting to me. I h
  8. Hi, it has now come to the point where I need to make myself bankrupt. I am really not sure what to do first, any help would be greatly appreciated. A few questions: a) Do I need to contact bailiffs and high court enforcement officers to let them know I am declaring bankruptcy? b) Will they still be able to visit me at home and take any possessions I have (not that I have much of anything!)? c) Do I need to contact anyone else to let them know? d) Will my phone be cut off (I am with BT)? e) What do I do first? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, I received a visit to day from a chap from High Court Enforcement with a warrant to remove goods from my home. I did not invite him in! He gave me aome paperwork and said that one of my creditors had taken high court action against me because of a default on a ccj. What should I do? He told me to contact them by letter explain my circumstances and he would recommend bankruptcy to his client. I do owe the money and due to illness have not been able to keep up payments. I think I will have to go bankrupt but I did not know that the creditor had gone to the high court for non-payment. The f
  10. Thank you so much for your help and helpful suggestions, it is very much appreciated. Tawnyowl thank you for the great advice and links it has really helped.
  11. Hi everyone, I am having a serious problem and would appreciate any advice that can be given. My partner and I ran a business up until September 2008, it failed due to a downturn in business and we have been left with debts of approximately £30000. Soon after the business failed my partner returned to university to complete a degree and I was unable to work due to illness. Some of the companies we owed money to obtained CCJ's against us and we were paying them regular (but small) payments monthly. We were also paying off credit cards etc. the same way although no CCJ's for them. Now my partn
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